How Shippers Can Navigate the Refrigerated Freight Carrier Shortage

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The refrigerated freight industry is currently grappling with a significant challenge: a shortage of truck drivers. This shortage has posed numerous hurdles for companies and shippers transporting refrigerated and frozen goods. Increased costs, delayed shipments, and potential risks to perishable products have become all too common.

This article will delve into the challenges companies and shippers face in the refrigerated freight industry due to the ongoing truck driver shortage. We will also explore solutions to effectively navigate this situation and ensure the timely and efficient transportation of temperature-sensitive goods.


Understanding the Refrigerated Truck Driver Shortage

refrigerated truck driver shortage

The Shortage of refrigerated truck drivers has profoundly impacted the refrigerated and frozen freight transportation industry. It is a multifaceted issue stemming from various factors.

One primary reason is the aging workforce, with many experienced drivers reaching retirement age without an adequate influx of new recruits to fill their shoes.

Additionally, the demanding nature of the job, extended periods away from home, and regulatory constraints have deterred potential candidates from pursuing careers as truck drivers.

The shortage has created a challenging environment for companies and shippers involved in refrigerated freight transportation. One notable impact is the surge in costs. The limited supply of available drivers has intensified competition for their services.

As a result, freight rates have skyrocketed, putting strain on the budgets of businesses relying on refrigerated transportation. This increase is compounded by the increase in demand for refrigerated transportation

Delays have become a common occurrence due to the shortage. The limited number of available drivers means it takes longer to secure transportation services, leading to extended lead times and potential disruptions in the supply chain.Importance of technology in improving efficiency and reducing costs 

This can significantly affect companies, especially those dealing with time-sensitive perishable goods.

The shortage also risks perishable goods, such as refrigerated and frozen products. Maintaining the integrity of temperature-sensitive cargo becomes a challenge without an adequate number of drivers.

Longer transit times and potential gaps in coverage can increase the likelihood of product spoilage, compromising quality and resulting in financial losses for businesses.

In light of these challenges, businesses and shippers are actively seeking solutions to mitigate the impact of the driver shortage and ensure the smooth transportation of refrigerated and frozen goods. 

One such solution gaining attention is Cargobot Pool, an innovative platform that offers potential avenues for overcoming these obstacles.

In the following sections, we will explore how Cargobot Pool addresses the challenges and presents a promising path forward for companies navigating the refrigerated truck driver shortage.


Streamlining Operations with Cargobot Pool

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While challenges face the refrigerated and frozen freight industry, there is an understanding about the importance of technology in improving efficiency and reducing costs.

Cargobot Pool offers a range of benefits that streamline operations and improve efficiency for businesses navigating the refrigerated truck driver shortage. 


1) Freight Consolidation

One key benefit of Cargobot Pool is its freight consolidation capabilities. By consolidating multiple less-than-truckload (LTL) shipments into one full truckload, Cargobot Pool optimizes load movement and reduces the number of individual shipments.

This consolidation maximizes the available space in each truck and allows for more efficient routing. By eliminating unnecessary stops and minimizing empty miles, businesses can significantly reduce transportation costs and improve overall efficiency.


2) Optimized Routes

Optimized routes play a crucial role in streamlining operations. Cargobot Pool utilizes innovative algorithms to identify the most efficient paths for transporting consolidated freight. 

The platform creates routes that minimize travel time and fuel consumption by considering distance, traffic, and delivery schedules. This optimization saves costs and improves delivery speed, ensuring products reach their destinations promptly.


3) Real-Time Tracking

Real-time tracking is another invaluable feature of Cargobot Pool. Through advanced technology and integration with GPS systems, businesses gain full transparency and visibility into the transportation process. 

Shippers can monitor their shipments in real time, tracking their progress and ensuring adherence to temperature requirements. This level of visibility minimizes the risk of damage or product spoilage, providing peace of mind and reducing financial losses.

Businesses can streamline operations, reduce costs, and improve overall efficiency by utilizing Cargobot Pool's freight consolidation, optimized routing, and real-time tracking capabilities. 


Partial Truckload (PTL) vs. Less Than Truckload (LTL)

PTL vs LTL Trucking

In the context of refrigerated and frozen freight transportation, Partial Truckload (PTL) shipments offer distinct advantages over traditional Less Than Truckload (LTL) shipments. 

One of the primary benefits of PTL shipments is lower transportation costs. Compared to LTL, PTL shipments typically have fewer handling requirements and can be more efficiently consolidated and transported.

This consolidation results in cost savings of up to 10-15% compared to LTL shipments, making PTL a cost-effective option for businesses navigating the driver shortage.

Reduced transit times are another advantage of PTL shipments. Due to their larger size, PTL shipments can be transported more quickly and efficiently. This efficiency reduces transit times of up to 25% compared to LTL shipments, allowing businesses to meet tighter delivery schedules and ensure the timely availability of refrigerated and frozen goods.

Enhanced customization options are a vital consideration for businesses with specific shipping requirements. PTL shipments offer greater flexibility, allowing customization based on specific delivery times, specialized equipment or handling requirements, and other individualized needs. 

This level of customization ensures that businesses can tailor their shipping processes to meet their unique demands and maintain the quality of their perishable products.

Improved visibility and tracking capabilities further contribute to the advantages of PTL shipments. With advanced tracking technologies and robust systems in place, PTL shipments provide better visibility throughout the transportation process.

Shippers can closely monitor the location and status of their shipments, enabling them to manage their supply chain and logistics operations proactively.


Cargobot by the Numbers

Cargobot Freight Tracking Screen

  • Cargobot Pool boasts a network of over 30,000 drivers, offering the extensive capacity to meet the needs of shippers in the refrigerated freight industry.
  • The platform serves over 500 shipper clients, ranging from small businesses to large corporations, providing them with efficient transportation solutions.
  • Through API integrations, Cargobot Pool provides access to an additional 500,000 carriers, further expanding the network and enhancing capacity options for shippers.


Ensure Steady Logistics During Refrigerated Truck Driver Shortages

successful PTL LTL Company

The refrigerated truck driver shortage has presented significant challenges for companies and shippers involved in transporting perishable goods. However, innovative solutions like Cargobot Pool and Partial Truckload (PTL) shipments have emerged as powerful tools to overcome these obstacles and improve overall efficiency.

Cargobot Pool's features, including freight consolidation, optimized routing, and real-time tracking, streamline operations and save substantial time and cost. By leveraging PTL shipments, businesses can benefit from lower transportation costs, reduced transit times, enhanced customization options, and improved visibility and tracking capabilities.

With access to a nationwide network of drivers, shippers can overcome capacity limitations and ensure timely refrigerated and frozen goods are delivered.

The combination of Cargobot Pool and Cargobot's solutions for LTL shipments offers a promising path forward for companies and shippers navigating the refrigerated truck driver shortage.

By embracing innovative technologies and strategies, businesses can overcome industry challenges, improve efficiency, and maintain the integrity of their perishable products.

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