How to Switch From a Reefer Load Board to a 21st Century Solution

Posted by Fernando Correa ● Aug 17, 2023 10:39:45 PM

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The landscape of the trucking business never stays idle due to the ever-evolving nature of technology. One segment of the trucking industry that is undergoing significant changes is refrigerated truckloads. These trucks are specifically designed to transport perishable freight over long distances. Standard reefer trucks measure 48 to 53 feet in length and play a key role in the supply chain of various industries. 

The reefer load board is an online marketplace where brokers and shippers post their available loads, and truck owners or operators find loads that need transporting.

While the traditional reefer load board system has been instrumental in freight matching, these load boards are not without shortcomings. Navigating through vast information, coordinating with multiple parties, and maintaining optimal efficiency can often be cumbersome.

Here are some of the biggest challenges of reefer load boards.


The Biggest Challenges of Using Reefer Load Boards


Lack of Real-Time Information

Traditional reefer load boards often lack real-time updates. This limitation can lead to miscommunications between shippers and carriers about load availability or the current status of a delivery, causing inefficiencies in the load-matching process.


Difficulty in Finding Suitable Loads

Navigating a reefer board to find a suitable load can be daunting. Given the vast amount of information and the diversity in load types, it can be difficult for carriers to find loads that align with their preferences and truck specifications.


Time Consumption

Posting loads, finding appropriate carriers, and finalizing arrangements on traditional reefer load boards can be time-consuming. This inefficiency can lead to wasted time that could have been spent on the road delivering loads.


Lack of Transparency

Traditional reefer load boards often lack transparency, making it difficult for carriers and shippers to gauge the reliability of their counterparts. A lack of transparency can lead to mistrust, creating a barrier to forming long-term business relationships.


Paperwork Management

Managing the necessary documentation for reefer loads can be challenging, especially while using traditional load boards. Essential paperwork, including freight details, temperature logs, and delivery confirmation, may be hard to organize and track.


Cargobot Pool: A Modern Solution for Your Shipping Needs

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Cargobot Pool is a 21st-century solution that's designed to make reefer load board management much easier.

This innovative platform is a game-changer for anyone involved in the trucking business due to its ability to streamline finding and transporting reefer loads. Cargobot Pool acts as a digital intermediary between brokers, shippers, and owner-operators.

Here is how Cargobot Pool can make it easier to manage reefer loads.


Efficient Freight Matching

The traditional reefer board often required truck owners to sift through multiple postings to find suitable reefer loads individually. However, Cargobot Pool has introduced a dynamic freight matching system.

Instead of spending countless hours on the load board, the platform enables owner-operators to find loads that align with their preferences and schedule seamlessly.


Simplified Truck Postings

Cargobot Pool makes it easy for owner-operators to post their truck availability. The system is designed to increase visibility to brokers and shippers, making it simpler for them to find the right trucks for their freight.

This visibility boosts the chances of a profitable match and reduces the downtime that trucks spend idle.


Better Communication

Cargobot Pool also provides a state-of-the-art communication platform for shippers and carriers. The platform reduces the chance of miscommunication and enhances collaboration between owner-operators and brokers or shippers.

With a few clicks, all parties can share crucial information, make adjustments, and track the load's progress in real-time.


Streamline Documentation

Managing the paperwork can be a hassle in the reefer trucking business. Whether it's freight details to temperature logs and delivery confirmation, the list is long and growing.

Cargobot Pool simplifies this process, offering an all-in-one digital solution. All the necessary documents can be managed, shared, and stored securely on the platform. You won't ever have to worry about documents getting lost or misplaced.


Intuitive Interface

One of the major challenges with the traditional reefer load board was the complex interface and steep learning curve. This complexity could often deter potential owner-operators and shippers from effectively using the load board.

It often led to mistakes and confusion. On the other hand, Cargobot Pool offers a simple interface that anyone can use, and a customer care representative is always available if you need help.

Cargobot Pool's intuitive interface offers a breath of fresh air in this aspect. It's designed with user experience at its core, providing a simple and easy-to-navigate platform.

This simplicity enables users to fully harness the platform's potential, regardless of their tech proficiency. Owner-operators can spend less time deciphering complex interfaces and more time focusing on their core task – delivering reefer freight.


Unparalleled Transparency

Transparency is crucial in the trucking business. Everyone involved must be aware of the freight status, location, and expected delivery times. This transparency was often lacking in the past, leading to misunderstandings, missed deadlines, and dissatisfied clients.

Cargobot Pool brings unparalleled transparency to the reefer load board. From the moment a load is posted to its final delivery, every step is logged and made visible to all relevant parties. This visibility fosters trust between shippers and owner-operators, enabling smoother transactions and long-term business relationships.


Scalability for Your Business

Whether you are an owner-operator with a single truck or a company with a large fleet, scalability is essential for growth. Traditional reefer load boards often fall short in this aspect, as they lack the necessary features to accommodate a growing business.

Cargobot Pool, with its advanced and scalable features, is built for businesses of all sizes. It allows owner-operators to efficiently manage multiple loads and coordinate multiple trucks, making it easier for businesses to expand their operations and client base.


Reliable Support

The reefer trucking business operates around the clock, which is why Cargobot Pool offers 24/7 customer support. Whether you are posting your truck's availability at dawn or tracking a load in the middle of the night, you can rely on Cargobot Pool's support team to assist you. This round-the-clock support ensures that any issues are addressed promptly.


Incorporating Feedback

In addition to these features, Cargobot Pool takes pride in its focus on continuous improvement. The team actively seeks user feedback and incorporates it into their regular updates.

This proactive approach ensures that the platform remains relevant, effective, and tailored to the evolving needs of the reefer trucking business.


Switch from a Reefer Load Board and Join Cargobot Today!

Cargobot Digital Platform

Cargobot leverages 21st-century technology to redefine how brokers and shippers interact and manage reefer loads. Whether it's finding the perfect match to managing paperwork, it offers a comprehensive solution that isn't available anywhere else.

This technology empowers the trucking business, offering a clear path to profitability and sustainability in the fast-paced, demanding world of reefer freight transportation.

Reach out to Cargobot today to learn more about our services and see how Cargobot Pool can benefit your business!

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