5 Reasons Load Boards for Reefers Are Costing You Hours Every Week

Posted by Fernando Correa ● Jul 5, 2023 1:49:00 PM

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When it comes to managing reefer freight; a temperature-controlled truckload in a truck with insulated walls and floors, efficiency is key. However, traditional freight matching methods like load boards for reefers often fall short, creating inefficiencies and wasting precious time.

This article will discuss the limitations of using load boards for moving reefer freight and how Cargobot Pool is a better option for finding qualified carriers. We'll also delve into how this platform can help users manage their reefer loads more efficiently.

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The Limitations of Load Boards for Reefers


Load boards have become more crucial for shippers, brokers, and carriers to coordinate transport logistics in the trucking industry. However, while they have significantly revolutionized the freight industry, they have their limitations regarding the specialized field of truck reefer transport.

Let’s delve more into the challenges:


1) The Hassle of Sorting through Unqualified Carriers

When trying to find reliable and qualified carriers, load boards can feel like a chaotic marketplace where you must pick the good apples from a rotten bunch. They're often flooded with many carriers, and identifying the qualified ones can be a daunting and time-consuming task.

Brokers and shippers spend countless hours trying to verify carrier qualifications, which distracts them from their core business activities.


2) The Inefficiency of Manual Processes

Imagine trying to fix a leaky faucet by yourself. It can take forever. That's what it's like using load boards. With traditional load boards, you must manually post your truck and freight, find loads, negotiate rates, and handle the paperwork.

This means hours of work that could be spent more productively elsewhere. Additionally, the need for constant monitoring to find loads is so inefficient.


3) The Hidden Costs of Load Board Transactions

Did you know how your car initially seemed cheap, but then you had to deal with repairs, insurance, and gas? That explains how load boards are. They seem cost-effective at first, but you've got to consider the time you're spending managing transactions, monitoring loads, and resolving disputes.

These hidden costs affect your bottom line and divert resources from value-creating activities.


4) Lack of Specialized Information

Most load boards are meant to cater to the general needs of the freight industry, from flatbeds and dry vans to specialized transports. While this one-size-fits-all approach is normally efficient, it can become a challenge for truck reefer, which requires specific information about temperature control, loading and unloading conditions, and the unique demands of perishable freight.

In most cases, reefer carriers source more information from shippers or brokers because the load board doesn't provide the required data. According to insurance provider TT Club data, 29% of reefer claims in 2019 came from communication errors.


5) Inconsistency in Load Availability

Load boards depend on the active participation of shippers and brokers to keep information up-to-date and relevant. Lack of cooperation among the involved parties can lead to the fluctuation of load availability.

This inconsistency can lead to logistical difficulties and financial losses for reefer carriers, where timely transportation is more critical due to the perishable nature of the cargo.


Main Takeaway

As much as the load boards have transformed the freight industry by connecting shippers, brokers, and carriers, some challenges can affect the reefer industry.

These limitations show the need for more advanced freight management solutions. As technology evolves, we can witness more innovation and efficient alternatives to streamline the process.


How Cargobot Pool is Revolutionizing Reefer Freight Management

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Cargobot Pool digitally consolidates partial truckload freight for multiple users. It helps you combine dry, refrigerated, and frozen shipments into one full truckload. This means faster, more predictable delivery times at a lower cost.

Let’s explore how this solution is revolutionizing reefer freight management.

1) Automating Processes for More Efficient Reefer Freight Moves

Cargobot Pool's platform digitizes and automates time-consuming aspects of your shipping operation. By automating key processes such as freight matching and paperwork handling, the platform reduces inefficiencies and allows your team to focus on more critical tasks.

2) Finding Qualified Carriers with Ease

Cargobot Pool's sophisticated matching software has a rigorous vetting process that helps you find only the most reliable carriers for your reefer freight. The platform eliminates the need to manually sort through carriers, thus saving you significant time and reducing the risk of potential problems.

3) Saving More Office Hours for Staff

By eliminating the need to manually post and monitor loads, negotiate rates, and handle paperwork, Cargobot Pool provides your team with more time to focus on other vital areas of your trucking business. This efficiency gain can lead to more significant growth and profitability in the long run.

Main Takeaway

In the fast-paced world of perishable freight, time is of the essence. By switching from traditional load boards for reefers to more efficient solutions like Cargobot Pool, you can save valuable time, reduce hidden costs, and easily find qualified carriers.


How to Get Started with Cargobot Pool

Cargobot Customer Rep

If you need a much simpler digital technology for finding vetted carriers, consolidating freight, and managing in-transit loads, our Cargobot Pool solution can help.

You need to determine if Cargobot Pool is right for your business. If you’re shipping dry, delicate, fresh, or refrigerated cargo, then this is the right freight solution for your business. Our solution allows carriers and shippers to connect to fill extra truck spaces and group similar shipments.

By utilizing Cargobot Pool's consolidation services, you can enjoy a range of benefits that include:

  • Reduced transit times
  • Lower transportation costs
  • More flexibility
  • Reduced risk of damage and loss
  • Better visibility and tracking
  • Enjoy access to a nationwide network of screened carriers

Getting started with our platform is straightforward. Visit Cargobot Pool to learn how our platform can help owner operators and shippers manage their reefer freight better.

Learn about our PTL transport solutions and consolidated freight transportation and how these can offer even more value to your business.


Get the Best Solution to Manage Your Reefer Freight Today

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Managing consolidated freight transportation risks is crucial for shippers to ensure efficient operations and cost savings. With the global refrigerated goods trucking market expected to grow to $68.31 billion by the end of 2023, staying proactive, embracing technology, and partnering with a reliable platform like Cargobot Pool will help you avoid limitations and optimize your supply chain.

Don't wait any longer! Contact us for a personalized quote today. Our team is always available to guide you in implementing your solution effectively to ensure you get the most out of our services.


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