Cargobot Again Named Top 10 Miami Tech Startup

Posted by Fernando Correa ● Jan 24, 2022 8:00:00 AM

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Cargobot only continues to gain more acclaim as one of Miami's leading tech startup companies. Sugoi, LLC recently named Cargobot as one of Miami's top ten tech startups, as their list of accolades is only further expanding. 

Cargobot also received previous recognition in the last couple of years from Endeavor Miami, The Tech Tribune and was also named a top startup from Built In earlier this year, which is a national tech publication. 

All of these different accolades only further show proof of how Cargobot is using innovative technology to make it easy for shippers and carriers to work with each other across the United States.


Why Partner With Cargobot?

Cargobot separates itself from the competition by continuing to invest in technology to make it easy for shippers and carriers to connect without the need for a middle-man. Access to the latest technology plays a key role in building these relationships, as Cargobot's platform creates a tailored network of carriers per lane to match up with shippers. Carriers can also find and bid on loads by using filters to narrow their searches, such as by location and trailer type. 

A Carrier Representative also works to match carriers with shippers to ensure the entire process remains simple and efficient. Real-time updates of shipments make everything easy to track while ensuring each delivery reaches its destination on time.

The Cargobot platform also provides an incident report feature to highlight and document any incidents that happen on the road. Automatic invoicing for payments ensure carriers are paid on time without any hassle or delays. The team at Cargobot is also continuing to find ways to improve its platform while never staying satisfied with the status quo.


Cargobot's Primary Mission

Initially, Cargobot was founded in 2016 with the goal of helping shippers and carriers connect with each other through their state-of-the-art platform. The main office of Cargobot is located in Miami, but they also have numerous offices across the world to help them best meet the needs of their growing client base.

A focus on staying transparent with each customer while looking at ways to further increase efficiency is just one of the many reasons why Cargobot continues to disrupt and make a positive impact on the inland freight industry.

However, none of this would even be possible without investing in the latest technology. Cargobot uses technology in numerous ways, whether it's matching shippers and carriers with each other, providing real-time tracking of shipments, or letting them choose from a variety of shipping options.

A dedicated customer support specialist is also available to offer immediate assistance while ensuring everything runs smoothly. The Cargobot platform is available on desktop computers or mobile devices, which gives shippers and carriers the flexibility to use this technology from nearly any location.



Contact Cargobot Today to Learn Even More About Our Tech Platform

Cargobot is one of the leading companies connecting shippers with nationwide carriers throughout the United States. The platform makes it easy for clients to search for top-quality drivers without the need for a broker. Real-time tracking of shipments, electronic document storage, and 24/7 tech support are just a few of the many features available.

Our team at Cargobot will work with you to help you learn the platform and take advantage of all its features. Our Cargobot Academy is designed to help shippers, carriers, agents, and employees to reach their utmost potential with our services.

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