Inside Cargobot: How We Eliminate Broker Fees

Posted by Fernando Correa ● Nov 30, 2021 8:00:00 AM

Each month we're taking you into the cockpit of Cargobot to see how it finds new ways to connect shippers and carriers across the United States.

This month, we're focusing on how Cargobot’s innovative platform eliminates broker fees, making life easier for both carriers and shippers.

We sat down with Andreina Rangel, a Carrier Sales Manager at the company to get all the important details.


Explain why working with a traditional broker could be costing shippers MORE money

It’s a tough industry. Most of the time, traditional brokers have to pay big teams to keep their business going (dispatchers, pricing departments, risk departments, tracking services). 

So that increases the costs and the margins between an owner-operator against a broker. However, I believe shippers prefer brokers because they don’t have time to deal with the daily struggles, and here’s when that “extra money” pays off. So they don’t see this as a cost but as a solution.”


Hidden broker fees have become all too common. Why is Cargobot trying to create a better system?

“We are trying to eliminate the middleman through technology. Our idea it’s to connect carriers and shippers to go directly, giving them the power of negotiation. 

To that we added a ground-based team who’s also operating as a business partner along the road, so carriers and shippers can find the best matches for their needs.”


How does Cargobot eliminate hidden broker fees for shippers using their platform?

“The platform offers transparency. We have established a fixed margin of 10% in all our transactions. That way, when the platform creates a rate confirmation, it’s visible for the Shipper and the Carrier the rate’s they have agreed on.”


Tell us more about Cargobot’s dedicated shipper representatives. How can they help when working with brokers?

“Shipper representatives are an extension of the customers' logistics department within Cargobot. They don’t deal with brokers since our ultimate mission is to connect shippers with owner-operators and fleet companies directly. 

The added value of a shipper representative is the knowledge in the industry and their capacity to solve problems in a creative way when trouble arises.” 


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