Tech Tips for Shippers: Why Track Maintenance Digitally?

Posted by Fernando Correa ● Feb 19, 2021 7:00:00 AM

Shipper Tech Tips Digital Maintenance

One way for shippers to improve efficiency is to keep track of maintenance and repairs for each vehicle. Digitally tracking this data is an excellent way to stay proactive and prevent small problems from turning into more significant issues.

Following these tech tips for shippers will help you stay organized and make it easier to keep track of maintenance.

Here are a few of the main reasons shippers need to keep digital records of maintenance.

1) Centralize Your Data

One of the top reasons to digitally track vehicle maintenance is that it makes it much easier to stay organized. You can access this information at any time and see the last time a vehicle needed repairs or maintenance.

All of your data will remain consistent over time, whether care happens in-house or at a repair shop.


2) Improve Your Training

Keeping up with data for repairs and maintenance can help you identify any areas in need of improvement. Always dealing with the same maintenance issues with one driver may show that they need additional training. 

In-house technicians may also need extra training if a truck is frequently in the repair shop for the same issues. All of this data is a gold mine to help you further improve your business operations.


3) Easily Monitor Performance

Another reason to consider digitally tracking maintenance and repairs is that it allows you to check equipment performance. For example, one manufacturer's truck component may perform much better than another brand.

All of this information makes it easier to make well-informed decisions for the future to boost your bottom line. All of this data also helps shippers understand the level of warranty to purchase for specific components.


4) Increase Safety

Safety is always a top concern while on the highway. Keeping track of repairs can significantly reduce the number of accidents due to a lack of maintenance.

Keeping your drivers safe will ensure that shipments arrive on time while also protecting your business’s reputation.

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