BotThoughts:Why Gen Z Could Be the Answer to the Truck Driver Shortage

Posted by Fernando Correa ● Oct 12, 2021 7:00:00 AM

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The lack of new truck drivers remains a top concern in the trucking industry. Finding replacements for an aging workforce hasn't been easy due to a variety of reasons.

Some trucking organizations are now creating detailed marketing campaigns to attract Generation Z and other age groups on social media platforms. Here's what's working:


Leveraging the Power of Social Media

Highlighting the many benefits of a trucking career is essential. Not every individual wants the traditional career path of college and working in an office for the next 40 years before retiring. 

Using storytelling platforms on social media is becoming a more popular way to generate more interest in the trucking industry. Many new drivers can start anywhere between $49,000 to $58,000 per year. In comparison, drivers that own their truck can make $80,000 or more each year.


Identifying the Perks of a Career in Trucking

Using social media makes it possible to provide an inside look into the trucking industry. Discussing the many career benefits of being a trucker is vital in tackling the labor shortage. Besides offering a competitive salary, working as a truck driver doesn't require a college degree. 

Whether it's a job in operations or driving across the country, there's a job for everyone in the trucking industry. This social media marketing campaign is just one way to connect with a younger audience that may have never thought about working as a truck driver.


Utilize Existing Tech Trends in the Shipping Industry

New technology is constantly evolving and making a significant impact on truck drivers. For example, dynamic routing improves efficiency while collision mitigation technology helps to avoid wrecks. 

Showcasing the ever-expanding role of technology in the trucking industry can help to attract younger generations by creating an interest in working as a truck driver.



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