The Shippers Secret to Surviving Recessions? Dependable Drivers.

Posted by Fernando Correa ● Feb 11, 2020 5:14:11 PM

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Retaining your top talent and learning ways to attract the best drivers in the industry is one of the primary keys to success for inland shippers. 

Always looking at ways to improve is essential in today's ever-changing job market and can play a crucial role in helping you avoid negative economic events. 

Here are a few of the main ways to attract top-quality drivers and reach even higher levels of success in 2020.


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#1) Focus on Reliable Communication

One of the best ways to keep your top employees and attract the best talent is to focus on providing reliable communication at all times. Clear communication allows each driver to be much more productive and makes everyone's job that much easier. 

Cargobot is one of the leading companies that offers an innovative platform for shippers and carriers to communicate with each other. These features include tracking freight in real-time, easy access to essential documents, and access to certified carriers across the nation. Download the Cargobot app on iOS or Android now for more information.


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#2) Pay Fair Prices

Another way to attract the best drivers is always to pay fair prices. Top-quality drivers expect to be paid top dollar in their industry. It is also essential to always pay each driver on time without any delays.

Providing quick payments is essential to offset rate increases, as 70% of carrier expenses are usually due within eight days or less. Always paying drivers on time and with fair rates is an excellent way to build your reputation in the industry and help you attract the top drivers available.


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#3) Minimize Dwell Time

Keeping dwell time to a minimum is critical in keeping your driver's happy while also maximizing productivity during recessions. One of the best ways to keep downtime to a minimum is to ensure all of the loads happen efficiently while also making sure that drop trailers are ready for pick-up once the driver arrives on-site.

Reducing dwell time is also an excellent way to improve the bottom line of your company while maximizing workflow.


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#4) Embrace the Latest Technology

Looking at ways to embrace the latest technology in the industry is another effective way to attract the top talent available. Embracing technology can create a much more streamlined process while making it easier for shippers and carriers to communicate with each other. 

Tracking shipments in real-time and making it easy to access essential documents are just a couple ways that Cargobot is helping drivers and carriers work together.


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#5) Focus on Being Driver-Friendly

Offering driver-friendly facilities is another crucial step in helping you keep the best drivers while also attracting top-quality talent. You can create a driver-friendly place in a variety of ways, such as offering amenities like vending machines, restrooms, and equipment to refill tires or perform simple repair work. 

Always being proactive and looking at ways to improve your facility is also a good idea in creating a driver-friendly facility.


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How Cargobot can Help You Attract the Best Drivers

Taking these steps to build positive relations with carriers is an excellent way to keep your drivers happy while attracting top-quality talent and minimizing the negative impact of recessions. 

Cargobot is one of the top companies that helps shippers and carriers to communicate with each other and work directly together. Their easy-to-use platform creates a network of certified carriers across the entire United States. 

Our primary goal is to lead the way in connecting shippers and carriers through our innovative platform. Visit the Cargoblog to say up to date on the latest news in the trucking industry. 


You can also learn more about the company at Cargobot Academy, or download the shipper app on iOS or Android.

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