The 5 Best Sites For Shippers to Post Online Loads

Posted by Fernando Correa ● Mar 24, 2020 3:56:04 PM

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Over the last few years, the inland freight industry has experienced a digital shift. Instead of dealing with freight brokers, many inland freight shippers have eliminated the middleman by embracing online load boards.

Online loads are quickly becoming the best way to efficiently and economically move your cargo. Instead of paying freight brokers a percentage to find you a reliable carrier, you can save money by finding a reputable carrier on your own.

Quick Review of How a Load Board Works

For those unfamiliar with the concept, a load board is an online system that allows shippers to post loads they want to ship. Shippers input all details about the load they want transported. These include pick-up and drop-off locations, freight type and size, and other pertinent information. 

Carriers checking for online loads who meet the shippers' requirements can then apply or place a bid to do the job.

What's great about using online load boards is that they are a great supplement to your current list of carriers. If there's a problem with a driver or your capacity increases, a load board is a useful tool to turn to. 

Better yet, some load boards require extensive screening of the carriers using their platform, ensuring you partnering with an insured, safe, reliable, and adequately licensed carrier. Depending on the load board, you could have your postings viewed by hundreds, if not thousands of carriers vying to move your shipments.

Here are five popular online load boards where shippers, like yourself, can safely and reliably place their online loads. 


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1. Direct Freight Services gives shippers the ability to post their loads for free. This step can be done by creating an online account to post loads, or by sending the list to the service for them to put up. Direct Freight has an easy to use online interface that allows shippers to:

  • Find trucks
  • See where vehicles are at all times
  • Post loads
  • View loads
  • Review recent searches and alerts
  • View carriers' FMCSA documents


Trulos Logo

2. Trulos also provides shippers with a free posting account for online loads. Shippers can use the Trulos Dispatch System to easily find carriers in your area, set up carriers, manage loads, and work directly with carriers instead of going through a broker. 

Shippers post their load, and the rate they are willing to pay. Then interested carriers will connect to learn more details about the shipment.


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3. Convoy

Convoy matches shippers and carriers for traditional loads and spot shipments in their app. Shippers are assured high-quality coverage for their spot freight even if on short notice or during difficult weather situations. 

Online loads are hauled by high-quality and compliant carriers.


NextLoad Logo

4. NextLOAD

With NextLOAD, shippers create an account and after being approved, are then able to post loads through an online form. NextLOAD integrates with various TMS systems that can be connected to your account to allow you to post your online loads automatically. 

Through the NextLOAD interface, you can manage your available freight by clicking on "Manage."

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5. Cargobot

Cargobot's innovative app puts the power of maximum efficiency into the hands of shippers, allowing them to connect directly to carriers. Their free, easy-to-use platform provides an abundance of unique, productive features including:

  • Real-time GPS tracking so that you know exactly where your shipment is at all times. 
  • Transparent bidding for each load - everyone sees the best possible prices. The carrier pays a flat fee of the booked load, meaning no extra costs to you.
  • An expansive network of 10,000 certified and insured carriers providing full truckload freight (FTL) shipping solutions. These include flatbeds, dry vans, refrigerated trailers, and specialized equipment. 
  • Store all documents in one place and keep them in order. Save or upload paper versions of rate confirmations, BOLs, and PODs in real-time as each process happens.
  • For each account, Cargobot provides a dedicated customer service associate who is ready to support you throughout your process. Have a question or concern? Support is available 24/7.
  • Cargobot's commitment to building an always-current system includes apps for Android and iOStechnology-focused blog, and professional development courses for users at Cargobot Academy. All for free!


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Load Boards are a Convenient, 21st Century Option. Use Them!  

The essential function of any shipper's workload is finding the best options to haul cargo. Building a consistent, reliable carrier base is critical - and load boards can help with both networking and expanding your available pool of drivers. 

Having such an accessible online option is a gift only today's technology can provide. Use an efficient strategy to streamline your workflow today by signing up for a load board that best fits your needs.

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