FutureTech: Sustainability is Here NOW Thanks to This Trucking Company

Posted by Fernando Correa ● Jul 20, 2022 8:00:00 AM

While the trucking industry still has a ways to go toward reaching negative carbon emissions, companies such as Detmar Logistics will play a key role in making this eco-friendly transition.

Detmar Logistics is one of the leaders in using state-of-the-art transportation technology that focuses on sustainability. The company even received the Top Green Fleet award in 2021, as Detmar Logistics focuses on offering EV and hybrid technology for trucking utilities. 

Let’s take a deeper look at a company poised to move the entire inland freight industry forward in the near future.

How Detmar Logistics is Making a Positive Impact

Detmar Logistics Drive Clean

One of the main features of Detmar Logistics is that its Hypertruck ERX  provides extended range and onboard recharging while using an onboard natural gas generator to create a full electric compulsion technology. 

The company also partnered with Hyliion, which is an electrical vehicle transition business, to help them implement hybrid EX packages on diesel trucks. This partnership has become a win-win situation for both companies involved, as Detmar Logistics continues to push the boundaries by creating a much more sustainable system for future generations.


Focusing on the Future of the Trucking Industry

Detmas Trucks Diagram

Detmar Logistics will continue to focus on lowering greenhouse gas emissions while creating even more sustainable products for the future. The company has been through a few ups and downs over the years, but they are focusing on solidifying its customer base to provide a better alternative to electrification solutions for the trucking industry. 

They plan to continue keying in on sustainability, which will help to lower the environmental impact of trucking while creating a long-term solution for meeting the demands of the supply chain. 

Learn more about Detmar Logistics and their pioneering work in the trucking industry in this article from MarketScale.


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