Shippers: Are You Ready for This Year's Roadcheck Inspection Blitz?

Posted by Fernando Correa ● Apr 25, 2022 8:00:00 AM

Truck Road Check

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance announced that International Roadcheck dates would be held between May 17th-19th. This annual three-day event in North America has set a recurring goal to ensure inland freight carriers meet compliance and safety standards on the road. 

While safety is always a top priority, these high-volume inspections can often lead to significant delays, as shippers and carriers need to be well-prepared for this event.


2022 Inspection Focus - Wheel Ends

Wheel-end components play a crucial role in supporting the heavy loads of commercial motor vehicles by maintaining stability and control. Typically, wheel-end component violations account for around one-quarter of the violations issued during International Roadcheck.

Drivers must spend extra time preparing for these inspections to minimize any delays.


Questions Shippers Need to Ask Carriers to Maintain Compliance

Dealing with delays in the shipping industry is never a fun experience. These delays can lead to substantial costs while also damaging relations with your clients. Shippers should ask carriers several questions before they begin a partnership to ensure the drivers are well-prepared for this year's road check inspection blitz, such as making sure carriers review inspection standards and gather all of the necessary paperwork in advance to avoid any delays.

It's always important for drivers to be familiar with CVSA's North American Standard Inspection Program, as inspectors follow a detailed process for inspecting commercial vehicles. Any violations will require the inspector to restrict the driver or vehicle from traveling until these issues are fixed. Ultimately, this can cause significant delays in shipping, as working with a driver that stays in compliance with these standards is essential to avoid this headache.


What Happens After Passing Vehicle Inspection?

These inspections can last anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. Commercial vehicles that pass the North American Standard Level I or Level V Inspection without significant violations will receive a CVSA decal. Typically, a CVSA decal allows a vehicle to avoid reinspection for the next three months.


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