Shipper News Unloaded: August 2021

Posted by Fernando Correa ● Aug 16, 2021 3:47:04 PM


Here is an overview of the latest news in August 2021 impacting shippers throughout the inland freight industry.

Cargobot's purpose is to keep you up to date on the most recent stories related to the industry.

1) J.B. Hunt Partners With Waymo for Testing Autonomous Driving

J.B. Hunt Transport Services is collaborating with Waymo for autonomously moving freight in Texas. The company will use level 4 autonomous driving technology for shipping freight between Houston and Fort Worth.

Information from these test runs will explore how autonomous driving technology can be used to improve efficiency and safety.

You can view the full story at Trucking Info here.


2) Tesla Executive Leaves Company

Jerome Guillen is a long-time Tesla Executive that left the company after only recently taking a new role to oversee Semi-electric trucks.

Guillen had been with Tesla for more than a decade, as he was in one of the top four leadership positions within the company. The recent departure of Guillen only creates further uncertainty at Tesla.

You can check out the entire story at Reuters here.


3) Connecticut Lawmakers Approve Controversial Truck Miles Tax

Connecticut recently approved a plan for taxing truckers for each mile traveled within the state. The plan will generate approximately $90 million in revenue for building infrastructure.

However, many in the trucking industry plan to avoid traveling through Connecticut due to the truck milage tax.

You can view the full story at CDL Life here.


4) Memphis Bridge Closure Causes Trucking Companies to Lose Millions of Dollars

Truckers have to make significant adjustments to their work schedules and plan for even longer trips due to the closure of a bridge in Memphis for repair work.

The temporary closure of the bridge costs the trucking industry roughly $2 million a day. According to TDOT, the I-40 bridge may not be re-opened until August.

You can read the entire story at WKRN here.


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