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Posted by Fernando Correa ● Apr 15, 2021 7:00:00 AM

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Keeping up with the latest news in the shipping industry is essential for inland freight shippers. Here is an overview of the most recent news in April 2021 that's impacting the inland freight industry.

Remember, staying aware of new changes in technology and the latest industry regulations are all critical aspects of reaching long-term success. Cargobot's goal is to keep you updated on the latest stories impacting inland shippers across the country.


Truck Rear Guards

#1) New Legislation to Limit Underride Accidents

Legislators once again introduced a bill focused on improving trucking safety, known as "The Stop Underrides Act." This legislation will add new safety requirements to reduce the number of horrific related crashes. Planned steps will include improving rear guard standards and adding underride guards on the front and side of tractor-trailers.

These new safety standards will only be enforced on newly built tractor-trailers, and it doesn't apply to the millions of existing trucks on the road.

You can view the full article at WUSA9 here.


Clipboard and tools

#2) United States Infrastructure Earns a C- Grade

The United States earned a C- grade for its infrastructure, which is the first time in twenty years the country has received an accumulative grade point average higher than in the D range.

Despite these minimal improvements, 40% of the roads in the United States are in poor or fair condition. The country has plenty of room for improvement for the future.

You can read the entire article at American Trucker here.


Autonomous Truck

#3) Embark Launches Successful Autonomous Truck Test

Embark completed a successful autonomous truck test for appliance deliveries for a 650 mile stretch of highway from El Paso, Texas, to Ontario, California.

Level 2 automation allowed the truck to steer itself while also accelerating and braking under normal conditions. However, a truck driver must pay attention at all times and take control to navigate any potential hazards.

You can learn more by checking out the full article at Trucking News here.



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