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Posted by Fernando Correa ● Mar 11, 2020 5:30:00 AM

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Staying up to date the latest news and changes in the transportation industry is essential for shippers across the country. While numerous shipper news sites exist, it is always a good idea to find the best websites that provide accurate and detailed summaries for all of the news in the shipping industry. 

These websites are a valuable source of information that can help you keep up with today's around the clock news cycle and future trends. Always staying informed is a great way to give your business a competitive edge while also helping you to remain proactive.

Here are a few of the best shipper news sites to follow to help you stay up to date on inland freight news.

Fleet Owner is a website that focuses on providing the latest news related to commercial truck fleets. These topics include vehicle maintenance, information-management technology, and the latest industry regulations. 

The website has one of the most massive online followings in the shipping industry, as it includes more than half a million commercial vehicle professionals that visit the site each month to stay up to date with the latest news impacting the industry.


Heavy Duty Trucking

Heavy Duty Trucking (HDT) is another online news source that reaches over 115,000 commercial truck fleet executives and more than 4,000 truck and trailer dealership managers. 

The editorial staff at HDT has won over 100 top journalism awards over the years. HDT has covered a wide range of topics in the trucking industry, such as driver fatigue, fuel quality issues, employee drug testing, and EPA diesel emissions standards.



Truckers News

Truckers News is a website that highlights the latest news in the trucking industry in the United States. The site also covers a variety of topics, such as health, new industry regulations, job opportunities, fundraisers, and the latest trending topics in the trucking industry. 

The website is updated daily to ensure that you always receive the most up to date news impacting the world of trucking.



Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA)

The Commerical Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) is a nonprofit organization that includes local, state, and federal commercial motor vehicle safety officials and representatives. One of the primary purposes of the alliance is to improve motor vehicle safety and education throughout North America. 

The CVSA website includes the latest regulatory changes, training opportunities, shipper news, legislative updates, policy positions, and a quarterly magazine.


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Cargobot is a company founded in 2016, with the sole purpose of using the latest technology to make it simple for shippers and carriers to work with each other. Over 10,000 carriers and shippers use this easy-to-use platform to maximize efficiency for each shipment. 

Their news site, known as the "Cargoblog," is regularly updated with the latest inland shipping and tech-related news, such as highlighting the growing trend of biofuels, self-driving trucks, and the impact of the upcoming 5G rollout. Their focus on technology and the changes on the horizon make it an essential source for all inland freight shippers to follow.


Visit Cargobot to Stay Up to Date with Inland Shipping and Tech-Related News

Cargobot is one of the leading companies that helps shippers connect with certified nationwide carriers across the country. The simple to use platform eliminates the middle man to help you find the best rates available for top-quality drivers. Real-time tracking, around the clock tech support, and pure electronic document storage are a few of the benefits of using Cargobot for all of your shipping needs.

Check out the Cargoblog for a reliable source for tech-related blogs and the latest shipper news impacting the industry. You can visit the Cargobot Academy for more information or download the app on iOS or Android.

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