Shipper News: December 2021

Posted by Fernando Correa ● Dec 1, 2021 8:00:00 AM

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The shipping industry for inland freight is constantly changing at a rapid pace. Here is an overview of the latest news in December 2021 impacting shippers.

Trying to stay up with all of these fast developments is often a challenge for many shippers. One of the goals at Cargobot is to keep you aware of the latest news to help you remain successful within the inland freight industry.


1) How an Increase in Truck Strikes Impacts the Supply Chain

The increasing costs of fuel and the ever-growing demand for shipping freight across the world continue to create a significant strain on the supply chain. Global truck strikes throughout developing nations are further complicating the issue and making it even more challenging to ship freight on time. Governments will need to work with labor unions in helping to resolve these problems before it leads to more supply chain issues.

You can read the full story at JOC here.

2) Love's Donates $150,000 to Veteran Charity Organization

Love's Travel Stops donated $150,000 to Operation Homefront, which is a national non-profit organization focusing on helping military families. Veterans and current members of the military were also able to get a roller grill item for free and a fountain drink or coffee by purchasing a roller grill at many of their participating locations on Veteran's Day. Proceeds of the sale of a special edition Operation Homefront tumbler also helped to further fund the charity organization.

You can read the entire story at Truckers News here.


3) Tight Capacity Will Increase LTL Rates Next Year

Inventories are still unable to catch up with consumer demand, as shippers are preparing for another year of tight capacity that will elevate US trucker and LTL rates. Disruptions throughout the supply chain and labor shortages will likely continue into at least the first six months of 2022. However, things still remain certain due to the impact of the pandemic.

You can view the entire story at JOC here.


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