Future Tech: Rand McNally's New Truck GPS is the New Gold-Standard

Posted by Fernando Correa ● Dec 15, 2021 8:00:00 AM

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Rand McNally's TND 750 is a sixth-generation GPS system specifically designed to meet the needs of professional drivers. This innovative system uses advanced routing software to make it easy to find the best routes to reach your destination on time or ahead of schedule.

Drivers can also view a comprehensive map that shows 3-D structural views, real-time fuel prices, updated traffic logs, and user POI reviews.

Here are a few of the top reasons why the TND 750 is a great choice for truck drivers.


Avoid Traffic Delays

Dealing with delays in the trucking industry is always a frustrating experience. Using TND 750 is an excellent way to avoid many of these delays by gaining access to real-time traffic updates. Drivers can also check construction updates and view traffic patterns for certain times of the day or week. Access to all of this information helps you to plan your route in advance while keeping traffic delays to a minimum.


Improve Fuel Efficiency

Another benefit of using Rand Mcnally's TND 750 is that it helps to boost fuel efficiency. Truck drivers can easily check out the fuel prices throughout the route to find the lowest prices available. These fuel prices are updated in real-time, which is especially important in maximizing fuel efficiency.


On-Screen Alerts

Staying alert while driving a truck is a necessity to staying safe on the road. On-screen alerts can help drivers in numerous ways, whether it's upcoming speed limit changes or a warning for sharp curves. Dynamic weather overlays will also show the current forecast, temperature, precipitation, and wind speed. All of these alerts will help drivers to stay aware of their surroundings while boosting safety.


User-Friendly Interface

The simple yet modern interface makes it easy for drivers to view a wide range of information. High-contrasting colors make it possible to easily glance at the screen for maximum readability. The 7-inch high-resolution screen displays vivid images, and it's powered by a Hexa-core processor while offering improved Wi-Fi and Bluetooth features.


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