Just for Shippers: Would You Work Partner With Driverless Trucks?

Posted by Fernando Correa ● May 27, 2022 12:00:00 PM

Driverless trucking continues to become even more widespread throughout the United States. TuSimple is an autonomous driving tech company that develops self-driving trucks with a freight network from Houston to Phoenix.

These self-driving trucks from TuSimple are equipped with artificial intelligence, radars, and high-definition cameras. Using this technology makes it possible for these trucks to see at least a thousand meters ahead while also providing a 360-degree view.

With this tech coming down the highway as we speak, would you partner with autonomous vehicles? Let's look at some important points to consider.


Advantages of Driverless Trucks

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One of the main benefits of using driverless trucks is that it doesn't share the negative characteristics of human drivers. You don't have to worry about these trucks getting angry, being in a hurry, or committing road rage, which can sometimes happen with human drivers. These trucks can be used in autonomous mode while a human oversees the driving process, such as switching lanes, maneuvering around traffic, or using exit ramps.

Using driverless trucks can also help companies overcome the driver shortage impacting all types of industries. Investing in this technology can ease the challenges in the supply chain, which makes it easier for shippers to move shipments across the country. Driverless trucks are especially likely to be popular with long-haul routes due to the difficulty in finding truck drivers that want to spend days or even weeks away from friends and family.


How Driverless Trucks Impact Shippers

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Choosing to use driverless trucks is a big decision for shippers. One reason to consider this technology is that it helps to decrease fuel consumption and carbon emissions. Using driverless trucks can also play a key role in overcoming delays in the supply chain.

For example, using driverless technology makes it possible to transport items from Arizona to Oklahoma in only 14 hours, while it would take a driver nearly 24 hours to drive this same route. Considering all of the benefits of this technology is essential to determine if it's the right choice for your business.


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