Inland Shipping News: March 2022

Posted by Fernando Correa ● Mar 28, 2022 8:31:26 AM

Shipper News March 22

Staying up to date with all of the latest news in the inland shipping industry isn't always easy in today's fast-paced environment. Learning about all of these developments impacting shippers is key to helping you run a successful business.

Our goal at Cargobot is to make it easy for you to keep up with the most recent news affecting the inland freight industry every month.

Here is a brief overview of the latest developments in March 2022 impacting shippers.

1) Diesel Soars Over $4 A Gallon for First Time in Nearly 8 Years

Diesel prices continue to rise each week, as the national average is over $4 per gallon, as these high prices haven't been seen since 2014. Since the beginning of the year, diesel prices have increased by 40.6 cents. The most expensive diesel averages around $4.994 per gallon in California, while the cheapest fuel is at $3.784 per gallon in the Gulf Coast region. 

These prices only continue to soar due to increased demand from the pandemic and the uncertainty of the war in Ukraine. Only time will tell when these prices will begin to stabilize and become more affordable soon.

You can read the full story at Truckers News here.

2) Numerous Truck Shows and Events Are Announced for 2022

The pandemic forced the cancellation of most annual truck shows and events in the last couple of years. However, numerous truck shows are planned for 2022, as organizers have implemented several COVID precautions. These events are scheduled across the country, as they are a great place to check out for anyone working in the shipping industry. 

Examples include the 75 Chrome Shop Truck Show in Wildwood, Florida from April 22-24, the East Coast Truckers Jamboree in Kenley, North Carolina from May 12-14, and the Expedite Expo in Fort Wayne, Indiana, from July 15-16.

You can check out the entire list of events at Truckers News here.

3) Trucking Rates and Delays Cause Disruptions in Canada

The cost to ship goods from Canada to the United States continues to rise, as it jumped 44% to $4.07 a mile between January 2nd to February 5th this year. On the other hand, the rate increase for shipping goods from the United States to Canada wasn't as high, but the prices still increased by more than 20% during the same period. 

Shipping delays were also a common occurrence in Canada due to the widespread protests against COVID-19 vaccine mandates. Broader capacity constraints at the border and the rising cost of fuel prices also further increased expenses for trucking companies.

You can read the full story at The Wall Street Journal here.

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