How Virtual Reality Is Training a New Generation of Carriers

Posted by Fernando Correa ● Apr 13, 2020 9:45:00 AM

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The truck driving industry continues to undergo significant changes due to technology evolving at a rapid pace. The United States will also need to replace over 90,000 drivers within the next decade, as the lack of available drivers is a significant issue facing the trucking industry. 

Looking at ways to attract, train, and retain the next generation of carriers is a top priority for many companies. Of course, training new truck drivers isn't a cheap task, as the typical cost of trucking school ranges anywhere between $3,000 to $7,000. However, the rise of virtual reality technology has made it easier to train new drivers for a wide range of scenarios without jeopardizing safety.

Here are a few of the main advantages of using VR to help train new drivers while also improving the skills of existing carriers.


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#1) Simulate Numerous Real-World Situations

One of the main benefits of using VR technology is that it allows potential new drivers to experience numerous real-world situations without any dangers. 

Digital simulation allows you to train drivers for an almost countless number of scenarios that can be replayed multiple times for additional practice and safety.


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#2) Reduce the Cost of Training

Training a new truck driver is a significant investment for any company. However, the rise of VR technology can significantly reduce the cost of training new drivers. VR technology makes it easy for drivers to experience a wide range of scenarios to help prepare them for the trucking industry. 

Besides training new employees, VR technology is also the perfect tool to help provide additional training for existing truck drivers.


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#3) Create a Safe Training Environment

Learning how to drive a truck for the first time can be a dangerous task without proper training. However, VR technology allows new drivers to experience hazardous situations firsthand without risking their safety or the safety of others on the road. 

These scenarios are repeatable as often as needed, as it is a great way to develop muscle memory while learning the basics of truck driving in a safe environment.


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#4) Compile Detailed Records of Training

An added benefit of VR technology is that it provides a detailed record of training for a wide range of situations. New truck drivers can efficiently train for a variety of scenarios, such as learning how to drive in inclement weather conditions or finding ways to deal with unsafe situations. 

New drivers can undergo all of these testing situations before being hired to help prepare them for working in the transportation industry.


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#5) Attract the Next Generation of Drivers

Finding ways to attract the next generation of drivers is essential for trucking companies. The use of VR technology can play a crucial role in helping to fill the enormous demand for truck drivers for the next decade. 

Potential new truck drivers can also get a feel for the demands of trucking in a safe environment. An entire generation of young people has grown up playing video games, as the digital simulation of VR provides the perfect transition into learning the essentials about becoming a truck driver.


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