FutureTech: PrePass Motion Helps Carriers Avoid Slowdowns

Posted by Fernando Correa ● Jun 17, 2022 9:00:00 AM

Finding ways to avoid slowdowns on the road is always a top priority for carriers. Downloading the PrePass app allows drivers to bypass more weigh stations while staying up to date with potential road hazards.

This innovative tool comes designed to notify drivers of any upcoming road safety conditions in their location. Staying aware of upcoming work zones, congestion, rest areas, steep grades, and traffic incidents is a few of the many available alerts.


Additional Features of the PrePass App

PrePass Motion App Screenshots

The PrePass app is the perfect tool for carriers across the United States. Drivers can quickly turn specific alerts on and off to best meet their needs. Carriers can take a self-assessment to create personalized notifications, and you can always make changes at any time.

The PrePass app only consumes a small amount of data, which is especially important if you are on a limited data plan. The app is available on Android and Apple iOS tablets and phones while also available on select ELD devices.


What Happens if You Lose Connection?

The app will display a "Follow Road Signs" message if you ever lose connection. A PrePass transponder is beneficial during these situations, as you will receive a red or green light from the transponder until you gain access to the internet.


How to Get Started?

PrePass Motion App Icon

All you need to do is visit the app store or reach out to your ELD service provider to download the PrePass app for your device. Afterward, you will reach out to PrePass to establish service in your area.

You will be given an account and ID number to login into your device. Then you will confirm your vehicle information and enable "Driving Mode" to begin using the app. You can also contact customer support if you ever need any assistance.


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