FutureTech: Kodiak Robotics Brings Autonomous Transport to U.S. Cities

Posted by Fernando Correa ● Sep 19, 2022 8:00:00 AM

Finding different ways to reduce the impact of inflation remains a priority for the shipping industry. Kodiak Robotics is an autonomous trucking company that's recently partnered with US Xpress and Ceva Logistics to begin using autonomous freight lanes. 

Kodiak Robotics is also one of the few private autonomous vehicle companies in the United States, as their motto is doing more with less. The primary focus at Kodiak Robotics is to develop self-driving trucks, as they use third-party components for other activities, such as labeling data and building sensors.


How Does Kodiak Robotics Differ From the Competition?

The autonomous trucking industry continues to grow more competitive each year. Kodiak Robotics stands out from the competition by making it easy to replace sensor pods. A non-AV-trained technician can easily replace these parts, making keeping these trucks well-maintained easy. 

These sensor pods can even be placed in other freight trucks to make them autonomous. The design of these pods makes them simple to use on all of the major truck brands. Using self-driving Kodiak technology also offers many other benefits, such as reducing costs, decreasing ship times, lowering emissions, and improving safety while on the road.


Kodiak's Vehicles Easily Handle All Types of Driving

Kodiak Robotics has built its long-haul trucks to handle all types of driving conditions. These trucks can drive in harsh weather, construction zones, heavy traffic, and much more. Safety drivers also monitor these trucks at all times to maintain the best driving experience.


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