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Posted by Fernando Correa ● Mar 10, 2020 11:24:23 AM

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Finding ways to prevent collisions and protect drivers is a top priority for shippers. Using the latest technology available is a great way to improve safety and lower risks in the trucking industry. 

SmartDrive Systems is a company that focuses on providing advanced analytics with a video-based safety program to help transform safety in the transportation industry. 

Video-based safety is one of the most important investments, as it is a great way to utilize transportation intelligence to improve safety and lower collision costs for shippers.

Why Choose SmartDrive Systems?

SmartDrive Systems is designed from the ground up to help prevent collisions in the transportation industry by finding ways to improve driver performance by combining video and analytics. 

Over the past 15 years, SmartDrive has become the leader in providing video safety innovation with an ever-expanding consumer base. SmartDrive is proud to play a vital role in helping to improve driver safety with the use of the latest technology in the industry.

Here are the top benefits of using SmartDrive's video-based safety and analytics program.


#1) Protect Your Fleet and Drivers

One of the main advantages of using SmartDrive Systems is that it helps you protect your fleet and drivers by improving driver performance with the help of a video-based safety program. 

Intelligent triggering is a crucial safety feature that captures distracted or drowsing driving, aggressive speeding, unsafe u-turns, and much more. 360-degree video insight allows you to gain immediate insight into any situation without the need for guesswork.


#2) Improve Your Bottom Line

Investing in SmartDrive Systems is an excellent way to improve the bottom line of your company by creating a culture that's focused on safety. The use of this innovative technology significantly reduces the chance of collisions while also providing fuel savings. 

Over time, these cost savings can quickly add up and save your business a significant sum of money.


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#3) Always Have Immediate Access

Another benefit of using SmartDrive Systems is that it gives you access to the video of an incident within a few minutes instead of waiting around for days. 

Transportation intelligence stores essential data that allows you to coach drivers on ways to improve safety while also helping you to recognize and retain good drivers. Quickly pinpoint fuel-inefficient drivers to help them find ways to improve and save your company money.


#4) Create a Customized Approach

SmartDrive Systems can also be customized to meet the unique needs of each organization. A managed service allows you to prioritize what matters the most to your company, whether you are focusing on increasing safety, enhancing fuel usage, or improving driver performance. 

SmartDrive is also available in a wide range of industries, such as commercial trucking, oil and gas, construction, private fleet, transit bus, and much more.


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#5) Around the Clock Technical Expertise

Technical challenges can always arise at any moment to create plenty of stress and increase expenses. However, SmartDrive Systems designs each product to meet the most demanding quality standards while continuously proactively monitoring the video event recorder system. 

Their tech team is always available if you have any questions, whether it is in the morning, afternoon, evening, or the middle of the night. Comprehensive eLearning modules are also available to help you learn more about each service.



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