Future Tech: Los Angeles Launches Zero Emission Trucks to Move Freight

Posted by Fernando Correa ● Aug 6, 2021 6:34:56 PM


The Port of Los Angeles is implementing a "Shore-to-Shore" (S2S) project for next-generation clean trucks to transport cargo to the Inland Empire. This project involves the use of five hydrogen-powered fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEV) while also including the opening of two hydrogen fueling stations. 

Eventually, the project will also include five more hydrogen-powered heavy-duty trucks, a couple of battery-electric forklifts, and battery-electric yard tractors to test the feasibility of using zero-emission products.


S2S Project Partnerships

The S2S project will also further expand infrastructure for supporting the use of hydrogen vehicles within the region. Toyota Motor North America developed the electric power supply system while partnering with Kenworth Truck Co, as they designed and manufactured the Class 8 trucks. Shell Oil Products US developed and will also operate both of the high-capacity hydrogen fueling stations in Ontario and Wilmington.


Planning for the Future

One of the main goals of implementing the S2S project is to pave the way for the future use of fuel cell electric technology throughout the transportation industry. Using this innovative technology enables port operators to maintain zero emissions while offering a scalable solution for reducing CO2 to create a much more eco-friendly system. 

Implementing these changes will play an important role in creating a much cleaner environment for the region while continuing to make progress towards reaching carbon neutrality goals.


The Cost of the Project

The S2S project is an $82.5 million initiative that's a part of California Climate Investments for creating a cleaner future. The California Air Resources Board (CARB) is giving financial support for the project through a grant of $41.1 million, as project partners are also contributing the remaining $41.4 million for the S2S project. 

All of the trucks in the S2S project are from Toyota Logistics Services, Southern Counties Express, Total Transportation Services Inc., and UPS. Air Liquide is the sole fuel supplier, while the Port of Hueneme is the testing site for zero-emissions yard tractors.


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