Future Tech: NoCell Hopes to End Distracted Driving for Carriers

Posted by Fernando Correa ● Nov 9, 2021 1:45:48 PM

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Distracted driving is an all too common problem for many carriers on the road. A distracted driver is more likely to be involved in an accident, which can often result in a life or death situation. According to recent statistics, 3,142 deaths occurred in the United States due to distracted drivers.

Why Choose the NOCELL Solution

nocell logoThe NOCELL Solution is a startup company focusing on creating a safer environment for commercial drivers and fleets by limiting mobile phones while on the road. Using the NOCELL Solution helps eliminate cell phone distractions while operating a truck, reducing the risk of an accident. It also helps to avoid any liability issues for fleet operators. 

NOCELL technology is a commercial-grade solution that quickly integrates fleet management systems while also providing a wide range of custom options.


Available Features

Administrators can easily make any changes while viewing simple metrics or comprehensive reports. NOCELL technology offers numerous features to improve safety on the road, such as disabling apps, delaying text messages, detecting rogue devices, and application-level policy controls. 

The NOCELL solution was also designed from the ground up, as it works perfectly with iOS and Android phones. You can easily customize the phone in various ways to meet compliance standards for your shipping business.


Overview of NOCELL Solution

NOCELL consists of three components: the mobile app for your driver's smartphone, an admin portal for your PC, and a NOCELL vehicle ID tag. 

All you need to do is place it on the driver-side windshield while connecting it to the cellphone to disable unauthorized apps while driving on the road automatically.


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