Future Glimpse: New Zealand to Encourage More Rest Breaks for Truckers

Posted by Fernando Correa ● Jun 23, 2021 8:00:00 AM

Looking at ways to encourage truckers to take more rest breaks is often a challenge in the industry.

A lack of rest creates a major safety risk, as one study shows that 13% of all truck driving accidents occur due to fatigued drivers.

Understanding how to combat this problem and create a much safer highway for everyone is one of the main reasons why New Zealand is using new technology to create rest areas for truck drivers.


Offering Real-Time Parking Availability

Rest areas for truck drivers have been around for decades. However, New Zealand is looking at ways to improve the convenience of these truck stops by using real-time parking availability.

This innovative technology makes it possible for truck drivers to access advanced information in real-time to make it easier to plan rest breaks. Real-time parking availability allows drivers to know the number of available slots at a rest stop.

LED notification signs with all of this information are also strategically placed alongside the roadway.


New Zealand's Additional Features

These rest stops are equipped with plate recognition cameras that will automatically detect the vehicle type and the length of stay for each driver. A closed-circuit TV is also implemented to improve safety and security at these rest stops.

This technology has been in use at the Ogmore rest area near the Bruce Highway since last November, and five more proposed sites in New Zealand are expected to be operational by June 30th.

Real-time tracking technology is designed to make it convenient for truck drivers to spend time at the rest stops and reduce the chance of accidents due to fatigue.


Safety Remains the Top Priority

Meeting tight deadlines is a constant reality in the trucking industry, especially with the ever-increasing demands put on the supply chain and the lack of drivers.

However, fatigue is one of the leading causes of truck accidents. Implementing real-time tracking technology for truck stops across the nation is one way to reduce this problem and make it easier for truck drivers to make plans in advance for taking breaks.

Staying proactive towards breaks can significantly decrease the number of accidents and create a much safer environment for anyone on the road.


The Initiative's Current Results

Early indications in New Zealand show that more heavy vehicle drivers are taking fatigue breaks at Ogmore due to real-time technology. The success of this program can make a big impact on the trucking industry throughout the world, as more countries implement this technology to make it easier for truck drivers to take breaks while on the road.

Using this innovative technology is just one of the many ways advanced technology can be used to create a much safer industry for truck drivers. As the trial continues to progress, it will be interesting to see the results and how it impacts safety.


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