Future Glimpse: Big Rig Parking is Tackling the Truck Parking Crisis

Posted by Fernando Correa ● Oct 19, 2021 7:00:00 AM

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Looking at ways to improve efficiency while making it easier to transport items from one location to another is always a top priority for shippers. One of the biggest challenges facing the trucking industry is the ability to find parking areas between destinations.

Spending extra time searching for a parking space is often stressful, and it costs extra money. All of this additional time and money spent searching for parking spaces can quickly add up and make a significant impact on the bottom line for shippers.

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How Big Rig Parking is Helping to Overcome These Issues

Big Rig Parking is a company that provides long-haul truck drivers with guaranteed parking reservations at a gated and well-lit facility. One of the main goals behind these services is the ability to reduce stress for truck drivers by making it easy for them to schedule a parking space without wasting hours trying to search for parking on their own.

Providing these parking spaces improves efficiency throughout shipping while making everyone's job easier.

How are they changing how truckers park?


Providing a High-Level of Security

Gated facilities at Big Rig Parking are protected with electronic bar-coded gates with six-foot fences topped with barb wire to ensure each truck is secure. Video monitoring cameras are also well-placed throughout the facility for added security, and tag recognition cameras are at each gate for verification.

These videos are recorded and monitored to ensure each truck is well-protected while taking a break before reaching its destination. 


Convenient Space Scheduling

A truck driver can easily schedule their parking in advance by setting the date and time for when they will arrive and leave the facility. Truck drivers can easily view the price for the duration of each visit on the company's website.

Using this parking facility is a much more affordable option than spending hours searching for a parking lot.



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