Five Stories Inland Freight Shippers Need to Know - September 2020

Posted by Fernando Correa ● Sep 8, 2020 3:02:00 PM
Shipper Stories Sept 2020


Staying up to date with the latest freight trends is always a top priority for shippers in the inland freight industry. Cargobot's goal is to give you access to the most recent freight trends to help you stay well-informed with everything related to the trucking industry.

Here is an overview of the most recent freight trends impacting shippers in September.


Covid dock workers checked for coronavirus


#1) Shipping Companies Not Ready to Distribute COVID-19 Vaccine

The race to develop an effective vaccine for COVID-19 is a top priority for countries throughout the world. However, freight and shipping companies leaders have stated the industry isn't ready to ship a vaccine to billions of people.

Shipping a vaccine presents unique challenges, such as the likely need for refrigeration and the ever-decreasing cargo airplanes and container ships' capacity.

You can check out the article at Becker's Hospital Review here.


YRC Headquarters

#2) YRC Worldwide Receives Controversial Government Loan

YRC Worldwide recently received a $700 million bailout from the government due to the pandemic's impact. However, members of the congressional oversight committee are suspicious of this massive loan because of their potential connections to the Trump administration.

The Treasury Department justified the loan stating that YRC is critical to maintaining national security due to its shipment of meal kits and protective supplies to military bases.

You can read the entire story at The New York Times here.

Shipping Container


#3) How Shipping Containers Impact Freight Trends

Shipping containers are one of the most common freight trends in the transportation industry. Malcolm McLean began using metal shipping containers in 1952 to make it much easier to load and unload cargo on ships.

Eventually, this trend caught on throughout the world, as shipping containers now play a crucial role in transporting cargo.

You can check out the full story at CT Examiner here.



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