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Posted by Fernando Correa ● Jul 5, 2023 1:58:19 PM

In a recent interview with ValiantCEO Magazine, Fernando Correa, the CEO and Co-founder of Cargobot, shared his insights on the freight industry and his company's innovative approach. ValiantCEO Magazine, known for its exclusive interviews with entrepreneurs and business leaders, provided an excellent platform for Correa to discuss Cargobot's mission and future plans.


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In the interview, Fernando Correa described Cargobot as an international inland freight technology company that is revolutionizing the industry with a customer-centric focus. He emphasized the company's mission to impact the relationship between shippers and carriers positively.


Interview Highlights

Fernando Correa

Fernando focused a significant part of the interview on sharing Cargobot's unique strength - a diverse, multicultural team of industry experts.

With extensive experience in freight brokerage, technology, and supply chain consulting services, the team is well-equipped to handle any challenge that comes their way. As the company expands globally, it continues to grow its team and invest in its go-to-market and roll-out strategy to ensure its customers' best possible service delivery.

One of the key takeaways from the interview was Correa's emphasis on the importance of striking the right balance between technology and people. While technology is essential, it's not the only factor that matters to customers.

They value results, and the positive impact services can have on their businesses. This understanding has led Cargobot to strongly emphasize understanding its clients’ unique challenges and finding tailored solutions to meet those needs.

As we expand globally, we’re continually growing our team and investing in our go-to market and roll-out strategy to ensure that we can deliver the best possible service to our customers.

- Fernando Correa

Correa also highlighted the challenges of the freight industry, such as the fragmentation of the industry and the need for standardization to improve efficiency. However, he also stressed the importance of balancing efficiency with flexibility and a personalized approach, which is why Cargobot always prioritizes understanding its client’s unique needs and finding tailored solutions.

The interview with Fernando Correa in ValiantCEO Magazine provided valuable insights into Cargobot's approach to the freight industry and its future plans. With its innovative approach and customer-centric focus, Cargobot is set to continue making waves in the freight industry.

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