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Cargobot's Carrier Payment System: Why it's the Superior Option

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Dealing with unreliable brokers and shippers is always a frustrating experience for asset-based carriers. Even worse, waiting long periods for completed load payments makes it even more difficult to manage your operations. 

Partnering with a reliable, carrier-focused option can solve many of these headaches - especially ones pertaining to punctual payouts. Stop adding to your stress and start considering a better choice!

Cargobot is an asset-based carrier's top option for reliable payments. Here's why.


payment-yWhy Partner with Cargobot?

Cargobot offers an innovative payment system that makes it possible for asset-based carriers to enjoy direct, reliable payouts. 

We ensure you receive direct payments from our system without any delays or hidden fees. 

We secure load payments from the shipper for you - saving you significant time and frustration.


Payment OptionsChoose from a Variety of Payment Options

Cargobot's carrier payment system also gives you the flexibility to choose from a variety of payment plans. 

Asset-based carriers can choose how they prefer to be paid, including: 

  • Next day
  • Seven days
  • Fifteen days
  • Thirty days

You can also make changes at any time to best meet your needs. 

Fuel advances are also available for a small fee.


Why CargobotHow to Sign Up for Cargobot's Carrier Payment System

An asset-based carrier will only need to fill out a simple form to sign-up for Cargobot's carrier payment system. 

Simply provide your US DOT Authority to get certified on Cargobot's expanding network. Once you've received approval, you can begin bidding on loads and experience the full benefits of Cargobot's next-generation platform - including our innovative carrier payment system!

Fill out the contact form to begin your journey with Cargobot today!


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