Cargobot Roadmap: Supporting Agents w/ Sales Director Martin Rivera

Posted by Fernando Correa ● Jul 6, 2020 3:32:00 PM


Cargobot recently launched an Independent Sales Agent program focused on increasing its footprint in the inland freight industry. While the initiative is a new player on the market, the response from sales agents partnering with the company has been overwhelming. 

We sat down with Martin to discuss how Cargobot's program helps independent agents grow and what the future holds for this exciting new initiative. 


Why Did Cargobot Launch a Program for Independent Agents?

Sales Director Martin Rivera strongly believes that focusing on efficiency and cost-effectiveness is essential in creating a top-quality partner for independent sales agents.

"We want to grow our business organically. We don't want to go out there and just attempt to buy market share. As you see in the headlines, some of our competitors have posted losses in the millions doing this."

Coming from a sales agent background himself, Martin stressed the importance of these individuals to the overall freight shipping process. By creating a platform to partner with these established industry players, Cargobot expands its market share by assisting those already involved.

In addition, the company's independent sales agent program provides an excellent opportunity for people to gain experience in the shipping industry who may be seeking new careers.

"More than 20 million people are currently unemployed in the United States due to this COVID-19 pandemic. I think it's perfect timing in a way to allow people to have a way out and to find a way to make a living." 


What Types of Support Does Cargobot Provide for New Agents?

Cargobot believes the key to success for new agents is a process-oriented approach to learning the ropes. 

"There is an official training and onboarding that takes place for everyone. We need to help agents understand where the industry is NOW and where Cargobot, as a partner, is heading. 

Cargobot's onboarding process begins with an introduction to the company, its technology, and the support team. Once the training is complete, a 30 to 60-day program known as "Fast Start" helps new agents learn the basics of the industry through self-learning digital coursework. 

This freight brokerage-type academy will offer a vast number of resources to maximize the success of new agents while also answering common questions that might arise on the fly.


How Does Cargobot Support Existing Agents Transitioning to a Partnership With Cargobot?

Cargobot understands the importance of supporting existing agents transitioning from other networks. They accomplish this by helping agents learn the company's culture and how to take full advantage of the company's digital platform.

"The main thing that we try to give [agents] is an induction into Cargobot's culture. We pride ourselves on being different from the average broker because of our technology offerings. The main thing we try to instill in them is the message that we want to bring to the industry in general."

In addition to brand messaging, Cargobot builds in premium support features for transitioning agents, including:

  • Financial support to support business growth
  • Marketing analysis and lead generation support from Cargobot marketing pros
  • Unlimited earnings potential
  • Payout options that suit your preferences
  • A constantly updated digital portal
  • Dedicated service professionals - available 24/7!


What Future Plans Does Cargobot Have For Independent Sales Agents?

A focus on innovation is one of the core goals at Cargobot, as they continuously develop new ways to help freight agents grow and maintain long-term industry success. 

"The company plans to hire an agency development manager to oversee the whole agent onboarding process - including qualification, training, and additions to the 'Fast Start' program."

The future looks bright, as Cargobot continues to develop new ideas while using an innovative digital platform that makes it easy for sales agents to work with shippers and carriers.


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Cargobot connects shippers and carriers on a platform where everyone wins. We're passionate about helping people succeed - and we've launched a new program focused on bringing that same philosophy to independent sales agents.

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