Cargobot Recognized for Harnessing the Power of Generative AI in B2B

Posted by Fernando Correa ● Aug 18, 2023 11:28:25 AM

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MIAMI, FL - Cargobot, a leading platform in the digital freight sector, has been featured in a comprehensive article on PYMNTS, emphasizing the company's innovative use of generative AI and natural language processing (NLP) to revolutionize the shipping and logistics industry.

The article, titled "Unlocking Generative AI Across the Industrial B2B Landscape," delves into the transformative potential of AI tools in various sectors, particularly in shipping, logistics, and transportation. Fernando Correa, CEO and co-founder of Cargobot, shared insights with PYMNTS on how the shipping and logistics industry is primed to capture future-fit efficiencies through next-generation tech solutions.

Correa highlighted the challenges of unstructured communication methods like phone calls and emails, which often lead to inefficiencies. He emphasized that new tech innovations are designed to organize these previously unstructured relationships, ensuring no efficiencies are lost.

The article further discusses the broader implications of AI in the B2B landscape, noting the significant impact of tools like ChatGPT on legacy sectors that have traditionally relied on manual and relationship-driven processes. The transformative potential of AI-powered tools, especially in reading emails, understanding customer requirements, and generating quotes in real-time, is underscored.

Cargobot's mention in this article solidifies its position as a forward-thinking company, ready to harness the latest technological advancements to offer unparalleled services to its clients.

For more information on Cargobot and its innovative solutions, visit Cargobot's official website.


About Cargobot: Cargobot is at the forefront of digital trade, offering next-generation tech solutions to streamline and optimize the shipping and logistics industry. With a focus on generative AI and NLP, Cargobot is committed to providing efficient, reliable, and technologically advanced services to its global clientele.

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