Cargobot Pool: Meet the Next Standard of Digital Freight Consolidation

Posted by Fernando Correa ● Jan 26, 2023 12:00:00 PM


We’re excited to unveil our latest innovation - Cargobot Pool. Our new platform helps you say goodbye to unnecessary freight overhandling, cross-docking, transit delays, and inefficient dry and reefer shipping. 

Partner with us and let technology help you move dry and refrigerated partial truckload freight more efficiently.


How Cargobot Pool Works

Cargobot Pool digitally consolidates partial truckload freight for multiple users moving dry or refrigerated shipments. We optimize the entire space in every truck, turning multiple shipments into one full truckload.  

This means faster, more predictable delivery times at a lower cost to you.

Quickly and easily consolidate cargo and find stronger revenue opportunities to move smaller pallet amounts. We identify extra space in trucks and group similar shipments headed to similar destinations.

In short - Cargobot Pool is an easy, efficient way to move your partial truckloads.


The Benefits of Cargobot Pool

We've designed every aspect of Cargobot Pool to make consolidated shipping faster and more efficient. Here are just a few of the benefits you'll experience with our platform:


1) A Focused Solution for Partial Truckload Shipments

Cargobot Pool is the only solution on the market that offers real-time digital consolidation for your partial truckload freight. This means your product will spend less time in transit and face less potential for cross-docking.

In short - qualified clients pay for partial truckload (PTL) service and still receive a VIP freight management experience.


2) Better Freight Consolidation = More Freight Movement

Our innovative algorithms consolidate shipments for you. You’ll move more loads and enjoy more optimized routes while enjoying lower shipping rates. Cargobot Pool can optimize how you manage pickup and delivery strategies with minor changes to your existing workflows.


3) Secure More Protection for Your Sensitive Freight

Dry and quick-decay products continually face two specific enemies: delivery speed and product handling. Refrigerated loads delivered quickly face fewer chances of spoilage. Dry loads face less risk of unnecessary damage thanks to reduced loading and unloading from truck to truck.

Cargobot Pool's technology effectively addresses both of these shipping challenges.


4) Access a Nationwide Network of Screened Carriers

Cargobot Pool's sophisticated matching software links you with the best carrier for your dry and refrigerated shipment requirements, ensuring on-time delivery at a competitive price. 

We also offer a national network of drivers, so you can be confident your product will get where it needs to be - when it needs to be there.


5) Save More Time and Streamline Your Operations

Cargobot Pool's platform digitizes and automates time-consuming aspects of your shipping operation. The result? You'll experience more collaboration between your sales, logistics, and transportation planning departments.

From order management and tendering to tracking, billing, and payments, we provide the tools your entire team needs to gain more control over due dates and production schedules.


6) Make a Positive Impact on Our Global Climate

Cargobot Pool's technology cuts down on the number of vehicles needed to move dry and refrigerated products. This change results in a smaller carbon footprint for each load, making our solution more environmentally friendly than traditional partial truckload (PTL) methods.

Reduce congestion at loading docks, slash fuel usage and emissions, and help us take action to preserve our planet.


Cargobot Continues Helping You Embrace the "Digital Next"


We know change doesn't happen overnight. You need a suite of products that helps you embrace digital adoption at your pace. After all, every journey is just a series of continuous next steps.

Since 2016, Cargobot has built innovative, reliable, and efficient platforms for shippers and carriers. Our services and loyal users are changing the future of the freight industry. 

Are you ready to experience a smarter way of shipping partial truckload freight? Partner with us today, and you’ll receive a no-fee quick payment when you move your first consolidated shipment with Cargobot Pool. Click here to sign up today!


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