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Brokers! Forget Cold Calling, Think Freight Matching


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Finding new methods to grow your business and reach more prospects is always a top concern for freight brokers. Cold calling used to be one of the most popular ways to reach out to potential customers. However, the rise of freight matching services has made it much easier to find new clients without spending countless hours cold calling prospects.

These services allow you to achieve meaningful long-term growth, as the market is expected to grow from $11.2 billion to over $79 billion by 2025. Most of these freight marketplaces are available by downloading a mobile app to give you direct access to shippers and carriers across the country.

Here are a few of the top reasons why brokers need to consider using freight matching services.

1) Maximize Efficiency

Looking for new customers is often a time-consuming process for freight brokers. All of this time looking for prospects quickly adds up, making it difficult to increase your revenue.

However, freight matching services expedite the entire process and make it much easier to find customers. You can spend more time focusing on your freight business operations instead of constantly searching for new clients.

2) Real-Time Visibility

One of the main advantages of using freight matching services is that it gives you real-time visibility of the supply chain. Technology makes it possible to see detailed freight movements to help you better manage your shipments.

You will know the exact arrival date of a load with only a few clicks of a button, and you will immediately know the cause for any delays.

3) Competitive Rates

Freight matching services also offer transparent pricing options by giving you access to a wide range of shippers. A carrier representative will match you with shippers in your operating lanes, which saves you a lot of time and energy.

You will never have to worry about any hidden broker fees, which allows you to maximize your bottom line.


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