BotThoughts: Are Veterans the Answer to the Truck Driver Shortage?

Posted by Fernando Correa ● Sep 26, 2022 8:00:00 AM

The United States Department of Transportation is creating a new federal grant program focusing on helping military veterans become truck drivers.

The Commercial Motor Vehicle Operator Safety Training (CMVOST) program is being funded with a $3.1 million award through the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). This grant is also part of the trillion-dollar Trucking Action Plan (TAP) that was announced earlier in the year.


What are the Goals of the CMVOST Grant Program?

US veteran truck driver

One of the primary objectives of this grant is to expand the number of CDL holders while giving more opportunities for current and former United States Armed Forces members to enter the trucking industry.

This grant is even available for spouses of military members. Another goal of this grant is to increase training opportunities for people from underserved communities. 


How TAP is Benefiting the Trucking Industry

TAP has also created a brand new apprenticeship program to recruit additional truck drivers while also building a truck leasing task force to further improve retention within the industry. One of the objectives is to help reduce the truck driver shortage while giving more people opportunities to build long-term careers in the trucking industry.

According to a USDOT spokesperson, more information about applying for the grant program will be available soon.


Which Organizations are Receiving this Grant?

The CMVOST Grant Program is providing funding to 19 different institutions. Commercial Driver Services Inc is receiving $200,000, while Northwest Florida State College is receiving $186,480.

Other organizations receiving these funds include Community College of Baltimore County, Des Moines Area Community College, Nordic Enterprises, Truck Driver Institute of FL, Inc., York County School of Technology, and a few others.


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