BotThoughts: 3 Solutions to Fixing the Truck Driver Shortage

Posted by Fernando Correa ● Jun 16, 2021 8:00:00 AM

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The truck driver shortage is a long-term problem, but making a few changes in the industry can make a big impact in reversing this troubling trend.

Examing the Driver Shortage Problem

One of the biggest issues facing the inland freight industry is the lack of drivers. The truck driver shortage increases the costs of many products while also putting additional strain on the supply chain.

Understanding how to overcome this problem isn't easy due to the numerous reasons for the lack of truck drivers. Some companies are now offering truck drivers higher wages and better benefits to counteract this problem. However, the vast majority of truck drivers are 45 years or older, as many of these drivers will retire in the next 10-20 years, which only further magnifies the challenge.

Let's look at some realistic strategies for addressing the driver shortage in the inland freight industy.


1) Offer Carriers More Time at Home

One way to increase the number of truck drivers in the United States is to offer carriers more time at home. Spending days away from family members creates a lot of stress and makes it more difficult to stay focused on the job.

Understanding how to reduce deadhead miles is essential in allowing carriers to spend more time at home. Using a digital platform is one way to increase the efficiency of routes and make it possible for drivers to spend more time with loved ones.


2) Provide More Control Over Freight Partners

Another solution in reducing the truck driver shortage is to offer drivers more control for choosing freight partners. Using direct matching services on a digital platform is an excellent way to connect drivers and shippers with each other.

The ability to choose your freight partners offers more flexibility, as many young truck drivers prefer this method instead of using long-term contracts. These apps enable truck drivers to work on their own terms, and they can often attract more people to the industry.


3) Focus on Driver Diversity

Looking at different ways to widen the talent pool for truck drivers is essential to overcoming this issue in the long term. One way to handle this problem is to encourage driver diversity by reaching under-advertised populations.

For example, one way to target millennials is to use social media channels to showcase the company culture. On the other hand, prioritizing work-life balance is also a key aspect in attracting women drivers.

Making an effort to target minority communities can open up a much broader workforce and play a key role in reducing the truck driver shortage.


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