Bot Thoughts: What Factors Are Really Driving Truckers Off the Road?

Posted by Fernando Correa ● Aug 22, 2022 8:00:00 AM

Many truckers are choosing to leave the industry for various reasons. Losing these drivers creates many logistical challenges while making it much more difficult to transport freight throughout the country. Understanding these different challenges while looking at ways to resolve these issues is essential to keeping truck drivers on the road for the long term.

Here is an overview of truck drivers' challenges in 2022 and how they could contribute to the current worker shortage.

Challenge #1: Rising Fuel Prices

Dealing with the rising cost of fuel is a major issue for truckers. These extra costs can rapidly erase profit margins and make it difficult to succeed. Carriers can save money on fuel in different ways, whether it's slowing down or finding a way to reduce deadhead mileage.

Modifying the aerodynamic profile of both the truck and trailer can also improve fuel efficiency. Using technology to improve routes in real-time can also save money by avoiding traffic jams or road construction.


Challenge #2: Increasing Costs of Insurance

Another big challenge facing many in the trucking industry is the rising cost of insurance. These insurance costs can easily range into thousands of dollars each year. Finding ways to keep these costs to a minimum is essential for truckers.

Reducing the distance of your routes, keeping a clean driving record, and changing the type of cargo you haul can make an impact on the cost of insurance.


Challenge #3: Urban Congestion

Urban congestion makes it difficult to meet deadlines and can lead to costly delays. Too much traffic also increases the risk of accidents. GPS technology and other available tech options are key to get real-time traffic updates.

All of this information makes it possible for drivers to take alternate routes to avoid congestions to ensure each delivery arrives on schedule.


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