Boost Growth With These 3 Real-Time Freight Shipping Platforms

Posted by Fernando Correa ● Mar 20, 2020 4:15:00 PM

Freight Shipping Platforms

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Real-time shipping continues to expand and offers numerous benefits in the trucking industry. The use of this innovative technology makes it simple to track shipments in real-time and allows you to know the exact arrival date of delivery without any unexpected delays. 

All of this advanced data eliminates the guesswork in shipping, as it allows you to meet the demands of customers better. Supply chain visibility software also offers other additional benefits, such as optimizing operational efficiency, automated status updates, and access to detailed information for each shipment.

Technology is continually evolving in the shipping industry, and the use of real-time fright tracking can play a crucial role in boosting productivity and giving your business a competitive edge.

Here are three of the top shipping platforms that specialize in real-time freight shipping. Shippers should consider partnering with these emerging companies to help boost growth.


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XPO Connect

XPO Logistics provides real-time tracking technology for shipments nationwide. The use of XPO Connect software offers up to the minute intelligence on the location of freight while also providing other essential data, such as weather and traffic delays. 

Providing visibility across all transportation modes with the help of data analytics increases efficiency while making it much easier to predict the exact arrival time of a shipment. Real-time tracking allows shippers to manage fluctuations in capacity and reduce the chance of warehouse logjams during peak shipping periods. 

This technology is only expected to continue to evolve and make an even more positive impact on the shipping industry.


Descartes-LogoDescartes MacroPoint

Descartes MacroPoint is another company that specializes in real-time freight tracking with the use of the latest tech. MacroPoint significantly reduces supply chain disruptions while improving on-time delivery performance and minimizing carrier detention fees. 

You can easily view the location of each shipment with an updated ETA in real-time. Automated status updates and pre-arrival notifications also keep you well-informed at all times. You can also utilize advanced search and filtering with user-defined fields to track each shipment. 

MacroPoint also makes it simple to create custom reports while tracking carrier performance in real-time. Other useful features include temperature monitoring and universal TMS integration. 

All of this data is a great way to optimize operational efficiency for each shipment.


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Cargobot is one of the leading platforms to transform the way shippers connect with carriers to move freight across the nation. This simple to use platform allows carriers and shippers to improve efficiency by working directly. 

Shippers can easily stay up to date with freight in real-time, which allows you to always meet the demands of each customer by getting your products delivered on time. 

Real-time GPS tracking reduces the need for constant phone calls or emails, which creates a much less stressful work environment. You can also book certified carriers nationwide to ensure you will find top-quality drivers that you can rely on at an affordable price. 

Keeping track of all your documents has never been easier, as the Cargobot portal stores all of this data in one location that is specific for each shipment. 

A dedicated customer service associate is always available around the clock if you have any questions or concerns. 


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Reach Out to Cargobot to Learn More About Real-Time Freight Tracking

Cargobot offers robust real-time tracking and communication features for shippers across the nation.

Our goal is to make it easy for shippers and carriers to stay in communication on an easy to use platform that eliminates the middle man. Feel free to check out the Cargoblog for the latest news in the shipping industry.

Shippers can also learn even more about our services on the Cargobot Academy or download the carrier app on iOS or Android.

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