Behind the Scenes of Cargobot’s “Direct Match” Technology

Posted by Fernando Correa ● Oct 5, 2021 9:24:39 PM

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Each month we're taking you into the cockpit of Cargobot to see how it finds new ways to connect shippers and carriers across the United States.

This month, we're focusing on the magic behind the company's "Direct Match" technology. If you're wondering what makes Cargobot's platform the best option for locating experienced, qualified shippers and carriers, then stay tuned to find out!

We sat down with Daniel Espinal, an Operations Manager at the company to get all the important details.


Q: How does Cargobot’s “Direct Match” technology make the daily lives of shippers easier?

"With Cargobot, shippers can easily post their loads directly to our platform in just minutes. Where it might take 4-6 pages of info with competitors, our layout gets your information entered more quickly! If you don't have the time, Cargobot's shipper representative can assist them with data entry at any time.  

After the load is posted, our network of carriers can see all the details and start bidding. Our chat interface allows both sides to ask questions and negotiate any remaining details. Shippers can also see a carriers' information, such as email, phone number, and certifications before making a final choice. It's all designed to help our users move faster!"


Q: Sometimes loads have complicated, specific details to enter. What options are available to the shipper to specify these details?

"When the load is being posted, either the client or our Shipper Representative can list several specific details such as:

  • Truck type (flatbeds, vans, reefers, step deck trailers, and more!)
  • Hazmat details
  • TWIC Card requirements
  • Team driver details 
  • Straps, tarps, or other accessories
  •  and anything else you need to include!"


Q: What steps does Cargobot take to ensure their network of carriers is qualified and reliable?

"We vet our carriers in three specific areas to protect the entire Cargobot community: 

  • Federal compliance. This allows us to know that the company is in good standing with the FMCSA. 
  • Risk history. We conduct a deep dive on past user compliance and records to protect our customers and Cargobot. We require carriers in our network to have cargo insurance of $100K minimum and liability insurance of $1 million. 
  • Lastly, we vet our carriers on service performance when working with Cargobot. We have a robust rating system allowing both shippers and carriers to leave feedback for others. We also aggregate external load board rating information and display it inside our platform."


Q: What shipment options do Cargobot offer for FTL shipments? For LTL?

"Cargobot moves any type of load and can offer any type of services:

  • Dry van (FTL - Partial)
  • Reefer (FTL - Partial)
  • Flatbed - Stepdecks - Hotshots
  • Oversize-Overweight trucks ( RGN - lowboys, etc)

For LTL we have arrangements with the largest companies in the industry, so we offer multiple options once the customer sends us the location, weight, and dimensions of their loads. 

We are also working on developing "CargoPool" technology! The purpose of Cargopool is to consolidate a truck by arranging multiple picks and multiple drops for a lower rate (LTL)."


Q: Every digital platform requires reliable customer support - what does Cargobot offer its users?

"Cargobot has a HUGE team behind the platform to provide amazing customer service.

First, we have our shipper representatives. This individual is the one in charge of providing direct, comprehensive support to an assigned client. If the customer requires any assistance with the platform or needs any update from a truck in transit they are available to help - on demand!

Second, we have a dedicated carrier representative team. These consultants are in charge of finding matches for the loads not receiving any bids or offers. We work to contact our network of 20,000+ carriers and profile these opportunities, with the intention of finding the best match for the lowest offer.

Then we have the operations team. This group is in charge of all follow-up to ensure everything runs as expected. They are also here to contact the carrier and share any special instructions that may arise while a load is in transit. If the customer needs faster communication, we're there to help!

In addition to these teams, we have an after-hours unit, available during off-hours and weekends in case any of our customers need assistance during non-business hours.

And don't forget our amazing marketing team! They are constantly promoting our latest opportunities via email and social media to keep expanding our network with the best shippers and carriers out there."


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