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Asset Based Full Truckload Companies: 8 Reasons to Partner w/ Cargobot

8 Reasons to Partner w Cargobot

Asset-based full truckload companies are an essential part of the inland supply chain. 

Cargobot is THE digital platform enabling organizations to scale operations and increase visibility with shippers.

Here are eight reasons why asset-based full truckload companies should explore a partnership with Cargobot.


1) Access to High-Quality Shippers

Cargobot allows you to access a network of thousands of high-quality shippers. Whatever state or region of the country you operate in, we have options waiting to work with you. Save time and effort by using our vetted system, and stop making cold phone calls and emails!


2) Expanded Sales Outreach

Partnering with Cargobot provides you access to exciting new business opportunities. Our nationwide sales team works with you to identify and quickly grow your asset-based freight company. 


3) Fast Payment Options

Waiting extra days on load payouts is stressful and unnecessary. Avoid these cash flow issues by switching to Cargobot's "Direct Pay" platform. Get paid on your terms by choosing from a variety of payment options built around convenience for carriers!


4) No Middle Man

With Cargobot, there is NO dealing with a middle man. You have the power to negotiate directly with shippers without relying on someone else to get you the best rate possible.


5) Real-Time Load Notifications

Cargobot's digital platform allows carriers to instantly see new loads as soon as they become available in your area. Make smart, profitable load decisions for your company with just a few clicks. 

Access to real-time load availability reduces deadhead miles and can significantly boost your bottom line.


6) Access to Our Innovative "Loadboard Platform"

Managing your load schedules is key to success in the industry. Avoid costly lapses and deadhead runs with our revolutionary "Loadboard Platform." 

Using our desktop platform or Dispatcher App, you can quickly identify gaps in your schedule and move more cargo. We help you keep things moving when business slows down!


7) Personalized Customer Support

Problems can arise at a moment's notice. You need reliable support to help handle issues and keep operations running smoothly. 

That's why Cargobot provides every carrier with a dedicated Customer Service Associate to handle items such as:

  • Quote issuances
  • Freight booking
  • Appointment management
  • Rate comparisons
  • Load tracking

...and much more. Our team is committed to your success!


8) Ongoing Carrier Safety & Education

Carrier and load safety is always an ongoing concern. Our logistics team will continually educate your staff on the latest cargo safety protocols. 

Just some of the many topics we address include proper cargo loading, temperature optimization, and load security. Building a quality, ongoing professional development program is simple with Cargobot!


Learn More Why Asset-Based Full Truckload Companies Benefit With Cargobot

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Cargobot makes it simple to manage daily tasks, scale operations better, and increase revenue. Our combination of technology and customer service is THE premier solution for asset-based freight companies like yours.

Don't wait another day to begin moving loads more efficiently. Contact us to learn more! 

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