Agents Handbook: Freight Trends from July 2020

Posted by Fernando Correa ● Aug 7, 2020 5:02:00 PM

Agent Handbook july 2020

Staying up to date with freight trends is essential for independent sales agents. Cargobot is committed to bringing you the latest news to help you stay informed and maximize your success in the trucking industry.

Here is a brief overview of the latest freight trends impacting independent sales agents this month.

Truck Driver at the Wheel

1) Trucking Freight Improves 3% Year-Over-Year

The trucking industry moved over 11.84 billion tons of freight in 2019, which is a rise from the 11.49 billion tons of freight in 2018.

These freight trends resulted in over $791 billion in revenue last year despite the industry facing various challenges. Overall, the trucking industry employed 7.95 million people in 2019.

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Truck Freight Loading

2) U.S Freight Dominates Trucking Industry

The trucking industry in the United States was in excellent shape before the pandemic. 

The United States accounted for more than 80% of trucking revenue last year, as $772 billion worth of goods were transported across North America. 

Other findings include 6.7% of truck drivers are women, while minorities account for 41.5% of truck drivers.

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US Canadian Border

3) Canadian Truckers Concerned About COVID-19 Rise in the U.S

The spike of COVID-19 cases in the United States has created significant concern for some Canadian truck drivers. 

The presence of various COVID-19 hotspots in the United States is one of the leading reasons why some Canadian drivers refuse to cross the border during this pandemic. 

While drivers spend the vast majority of their time in the truck, the potential for infection can occur during the delivery process or contact with truck stop attendants.

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