Agents Handbook: Freight Trends in August 2020

Posted by Fernando Correa ● Sep 3, 2020 2:55:22 PM
Agent Handbook August 2020

Freight trends continue to evolve, as staying up with the latest news is critical for independent sales agents.

Cargobot understands the importance of giving you access to the most recent news to become even more successful. Here is an overview of the latest freight trends affecting independent sales agents in August.


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#1) The Trucking Industry Continues to Recover from the Pandemic

The start of the pandemic caused a significant drop in demand for many drivers in the trucking industry. The decline was especially noticeable for truckers hauling items to schools, as many of these schools closed down early due to the pandemic.

However, recent freight trends have shown that most truckers have recovered from the initial drop in demand, as many are now working similar schedules to last year.

You can read the entire article regarding these freight trends at The Free Press here.


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#2) Why Mental Health is Important for Truck Drivers

The uncertainty of the pandemic has created even more stress and anxiety for truck drivers. Understanding the importance of discussing mental health is essential for anyone working in the trucking industry.

Staying in contact with friends and family, getting plenty of sleep, and staying active all play a key role in improving mental health.

You can view the entire article at Go By Truck here.


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#3) US LTL Demand Continues to Recover into Mid-Summer

The demand for LTL carriers in the United States continues to recover as the economy bounces back from April's partial shutdowns. Earnings for LTL carriers are also expected to increase as more businesses continue to reopen.

Freight trends for e-commerce continue to grow in demand for LTL carriers, as more people are making purchases online increasingly.

You can learn more about these freight trends by checking out the full article at the Journal of Commerce here.



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