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5 Simple Ways Freight Agents Can Increase Earnings

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Looking at ways to increase earnings and reach more customers is always a top priority for independent freight agents. Still finding ways to improve and never staying satisfied with the status quo is essential in helping you grow your business and maximize your consumer base. The trucking industry is continually evolving, and staying up to date with the latest changes is critical to long-term success.

Here are five simple ways that independent freight agents can increase earnings and become even more successful in the transportation industry.


#1) Create Quality Content to Attract Trucking Companies

One of the best ways to stand out from the crowd is to consistently create high-quality content to attract a wide range of trucking companies. You can create content in a variety of ways, such as posting weekly blog posts on your website, publishing white papers, or creating informative videos. 

Covering a wide range of topics in the trucking industry is a great way to boost traffic and help your website rank highly in the search results to maximize your audience.


#2) Network by Attending Trade Shows & Industry Events

Another critical way to increase your earnings is to attend various trade shows and industry events. These places offer the perfect opportunity for freight agents to network with others and build awareness about their company. 

Consistently attending these events in your area is an excellent way to expand the outreach of your company and significantly boost your earning potential.



#3) Offer Unique Customer Opportunities

Providing various customer promotions is another useful method to gain more clients. Freight agents can offer discounts for first-time clients or run promotions at a particular time of the year, such as the summer produce season. 

Offering periodic promotions are always well worth the investment, as it can be the fundamental difference in a client choosing your company over another freight agent.


#4) Put the Customer First. Always.

Building a strong reputation in the trucking industry is essential to long-term success. One of the best ways to grow your reputation is to go the extra mile to exceed customer expectations consistently. Consistently delighting each client will significantly boost your reputation and make it much easier to attract new customers. 

Over time, the status of your business will vastly increase your standing amongst shipping companies, and referrals will increase. Remember, the inland freight industry is a tight group - and a positive recommendation can go a long way!


Cargobot Digital Platform

#5) Find a Digital Platform to Streamline Your Workflow

Technology can play a crucial role in helping freight agents streamline their operations and accelerate growth. Cargobot is a digital platform that streamlines the workflow of independent freight agents while assisting in connecting with a vast nationwide network of shippers and carriers.

Take your freight agency to the next level by partnering with Cargobot. You'll gain access to financing options, 24/7 dedicated agent support, and the freedom to continue operating your business the way you want. 

Cargobot utilizes the latest technology in the industry to create a simple platform that can significantly boost your earnings and expand the reach of your business.



Check Out Cargobot to Help Your Freight Agent Business Grow

Cargobot is a company that enables independent freight agents to connect with a vast number of shippers and carriers in the trucking industry. Their easy to use platform offers unlimited earning potential while providing you with digital tools to streamline your operations. 

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