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5 Questions to Ask Before Joining a Freight Agent Program

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Choosing to work in the freight agent industry is a popular choice due to the flexible hours and unlimited earning potential. Nearly 50,000 people work as cargo and freight agents across the entire country. Instead of spending four years at a university, you can begin your career in the freight industry by choosing to partner with a freight agent program. 

Of course, not all freight agent programs are equal, and it is essential to do the necessary research in advance before you make any decisions. Learn more about being a freight agent and why you should work in the industry before leaping!

Here are the top five questions to ask before joining any freight agent program.


#1) Does the Company Have a Solid Reputation in the Industry?

One of the most important questions to consider is the reputation of the company you're considering partnering with. A well-established reputation is critical to the long-term success of any organization in the freight industry. 

One of the most straightforward ways to verify the reputation of a business is to check out the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website. You can also read online reviews to verify the status of a freight agency further. Shipper or carrier networks on Facebook or Twitter are prime research areas as well.


#2) Will You Have Opportunities to Grow?

Another critical question to consider is the ability to grow and eventually launch your own business. A less than stellar freight agent program may be more interested in how much money you can make instead of helping you grow as an independent partner. 

You should always find a program that provides onboarding training programs that will help you establish yourself in the industry. Finding a freight agency that takes an active interest in your long-term success is critical in creating a solid partnership.


#3) What is Your Commission Rate?

Understanding your commission split is another critical question to consider before you join a freight agent program. Money isn't always everything, but it is still vital to ensure you are getting a fair deal. 

Typically, it is a good idea to find a freight agent program that helps you process claims, manage finances, and cover marketing expenses. Always reading the fine print is critical before you sign up with a freight agent program.


#4) How Big is the Freight Brokerage's Network?

The size of a freight brokerage's network can play a vital role in helping you connect with shippers and carriers across the country. It is a good idea to find a carrier network with a robust national system if you are looking to create an expansive network. 

If you are only focusing on the local region, you may want to partner with a company that focuses on a specific area. Understanding your goals and finding a freight agent program that matches your vision is essential in helping you grow and become successful.


#5) Is the Freight Brokerage Using the Latest Technology in the Industry?

One of the best ways to maximize your success in the freight industry is to take advantage of state of the art technology. A transportation management system (TMS) makes it easy for you to connect with carriers and shippers while allowing you to keep track of each shipment with a few clicks of a button. 

You can also gain access to detailed information to help you well-informed decisions. Finding a freight agent program that takes advantage of modern technology is critical in giving you a competitive edge in the freight industry.


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