How Freight Forwarders Can Update & Streamline SAAS Management

Posted by Fernando Correa ● Jan 11, 2022 2:42:15 PM
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Staying productive is a necessity for freight forwarders. Looking at ways to streamline your daily workflow is a great way to improve efficiency and help you get more things done each day. 

One way to boost your productivity levels is to use an intuitive platform that makes it easy to view your workflow while staying in communication with different carriers. 

If you’re a freight forwarder based outside the United States, CargoSaaS offers a wide range of features that can help you streamline your daily workflows, and it's simple to implement. Using this platform gives you the flexibility to scale up or down to best meet the needs of your evolving business.

Here are a few of the top ways you can boost your productivity levels by updating your SaaS management system with CargoSaaS.


1) Multi-Channel Communication Abilities

Communication is key to keeping clients happy and ensuring each shipment arrives on schedule. CargoSaaS allows freight forwarders to easily stay in communication with carriers in two distinct ways: 

  1. Communicate with a regional or local network of carriers you’ve added and grown.
  2. Use CargoSaaS to communicate with Cargobot’s already-established carrier community in the United States (if you are moving loads partnering with Cargobot US.)

We know direct shipper and carrier communication improves collaboration and reduces potential delays. Cargobot’s unique platform makes it possible to stay in touch at all times - whether you have a question or need an update on shipment status.


2) Automated Invoicing for Payments

Making sure everyone is paid on time is key to success in any industry while also keeping your clients happy. Using CargoSaaS makes it easy to manage payments due to its automated invoicing feature, and it will help you to stay organized. Payments are automatically handled within the system.

Digitized documentation also makes it simple to keep track of everything, which helps to improve efficiency while making your job easier.


3) On-Demand API Integrations with Major CRM Platforms

Freight forwarders often use CRM platforms to help them stay organized. CargoSaaS offers on-demand API integrations with all of the major CRM platforms, which makes it convenient to add this cloud-based platform to any of your existing CRM platforms. This seamless integration process makes it even easier for you to streamline your daily workflow and manage all of your data. 


4) Access to Real-Time Shipping Information

Keeping up with all of your data and tracking shipments requires a significant amount of time and energy for freight forwarders. Using CargoSaaS is a great way to streamline this entire process.

You can easily view shipments in real-time, and you will be immediately notified of any incidents during the shipment process. Gaining access to real-time load availability also makes it more simple to match up with carriers, which saves you a lot of time and stress.



Contact Cargobot to Learn More About Our CargoSaaS Platform

Cargobot provides a SaaS marketplace for freight forwarders outside of the United States. Our goal is to make your job even easier by connecting you with a diverse range of carriers and giving you greater control of the shipping process.

CargoSaaS gives you the flexibility to choose from numerous features to help streamline your daily workflow. These features include front and back-office digital solutions, real-time load availability, digitized documentation, multi-channel communications, automated invoicing, and much more.

We also give you access to on-demand API integrations with the major CRM platforms and real-time tracking notifications for shipments. Our team at Cargobot is always available to answer any questions and will help you to fully take advantage of our platform.

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