3 Steps to a Healthier Road Life Truckers Can Take Today

Posted by Fernando Correa ● May 20, 2019 12:55:00 PM

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The lifestyle of a truck driver is not easy, whether it is dealing with traffic jams, meeting quick deadlines, or not getting enough sleep. Always meeting tight delivery windows adds additional stress and makes it difficult to focus on making healthy lifestyle choices.

Long hours on the road can also make truck drivers feel isolated from friends and family. Add all of these factors together, and it is easy to see why the trucking industry can ultimately lead to a wide range of health problems. However, truck drivers can make a few simple lifestyle changes to help them feel much better physically and mentally.

Here are three useful steps that can impact trucker health and allow them to begin a healthier lifestyle this spring.

Step #1: Meal Planning

Many truck drivers find it difficult to make healthy food choiceson the road. Always eating fast food can lead to a variety of health problems and significant weight gain. However, planning your meals can help you avoid unnecessary calories. Portion control is critical to prevent gaining weight, as planning your meals is a great way to avoid unhealthy snacks. Many fitness apps are available that can help you create your meal plans in advance, while also tracking daily calories. Purchasing a refrigerator for the cab of your truck is also an excellent way to keep food fresh on the road and avoid the expenses of always eating out.

Step #2: Exercise Support

Finding the time to exercise is not easy for anyone, especially for truck drivers on the road. However, a growing number of truck stops are offering exercise rooms and walking trails to better meet the physical needs of truck drivers. A 30-minute walk is an excellent way for truck drivers to relax and stretch out their legs. Even yoga video classes are available to meet the unique needs of truck drivers. Many of these yoga exercises only take between 3-5 minutes, as truck drivers can do them inside or outside their trucks. Yoga is an often overlooked way to impact trucker health without the physical demands of strenuous exercise programs.

Step #3: Free Vaccinations

Many free vaccinations are available to truck drivers, as they can get vouchers for shingles, pneumonia, and flu shots. Taking the extra time to receives these vaccinations is essential to the long term health of truck drivers and is an excellent preventative measure. Of course, failure to get these vaccinations can lead to various health problems, which may even cause truck drivers to miss out on work. Truckers simply need to print out these vouchers and show a valid CDL at participating locations.

Focusing on trucker health should always be a top priority for anyone in the trucking industry. Following these simple, yet highly effective steps can help truck drivers live a much more healthy lifestyle and avoid many long-term health problems. Taking the extra time to plan for meals, exercise, and receive free vaccinations is essential in making healthy life decisions that will improve both your physical and mental well being.

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